Story 15 - Scourge of Winter



STORY MISSION 15: Scourge Of Winter


Recommended Lv: 12



Objective: Enter the fallen hideout


Time for another open world romp over the surface of Venus. This time you need to travel to the fallen hideout to continue. Gun your sparrow and get moving. You will arrive at a heavily guarded camp full of fallen and once that is empty, enter the caves in the hill beyond. Follow the marker and descend further into the crystal caves to find a new objective.


Objective: Take out the kell's guard


Deal with the small patrol (vandal and dreg) on the way into the base. When the tunnel opens up into a large open area, another group of enemies will be waiting (several shanks, dreg and a vandal). A small side cave in this area contains a ghost you can revive as well. Keep moving further towards the rear of the open area and you will encounter more dreg, a sniper vandal and the Kell's guard.



The Kell's guards are two Melee vandals and a ranged vandal with yellow health bars and should be the target of a special ability or powerful weaponry if you want to destroy them quickly. Retreat to the other part of the open area if you feel overwhelmed. Once the way is clear, continue into a new tunnel at the rear of the area.


Objective: Find draksis


Well, this objective goes nowhere. As soon as you exit the tunnels and observe the huge fallen battleship your objective will change.


Objective: Storm the ketch


To reach the retreating ketch, there are a lot of fallen in the way. Head down the slopes and start laying out the many vandals, dreg and even a servitor in your way. Players who have done the Venus strike mission will be very familiar with this area. Keep clearing the path ever forward, eliminating resistance along the way. At the end of the cliff area, you will encounter the docked fallen ketch (battleship), so jump on board and prod the hive to stir up more enemies.



What feels like endless waves of dreg, vandals and vandal snipers will keep attempting to intercept you but that will likely prove futile. At the back of the first chamber on the ship, a yellow health captain will be waiting to make life difficult, so greet him with a lasery death. Work your way deeper in the ship once he is gone and you will soon approach your goal.


Objective: Assault the throne room


Deal with the small groups of relatively weak enemies on your way to the throne room (the only real risk being the melee vandals encountered in the hallway). On the way there you will enter a much larger room with a large fallen force waiting for you. Dreg, vandals, kell's vandal guard and a servitor will all be present and ready to fill you with holes. Destroy these enemies to reach the throne room itself.



Objective: Kill draksis


Ah, now we get to the core of the operation. Draksis will be standing in the center of the throne room, surrounded on all sides by dreg, shanks and kell's guards, Thin out the minions before starting work on the Kell.



He has a large health bar, but like many enemies before him, will succumb to powerful damage dealing attacks or repeated head shots. Keep dealing damage and strafing to avoid the blasts from his weapon. After enough damage, the Kell will finally drop and the mission will conclude.



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