Story 18 - The Garden's Spire



STORY MISSION 18: The Garden's Spire


Recommended Lv: 16



Objective: Breach the warbase


Oh boy, we're starting off with small aspirations here then. Only assaulting a warbase alone. Traipse along the trails on your sparrow on the requisite over world jaunt (follow that arrow people). As you near the objective you may notice the large fortress between you and it. Time for more indiscriminate slaughter.


The outer perimeter is lightly guarded but the second wall has a few enemies waiting for you to get close. You can bypass these by just sprinting or flying through and continuing along the canyon if you like. Or not, up to you. Either way, after traveling a short distance down the path beyond the walls, your objective will change.



Objective: Locate the spire


Well, along the open world path to this objective are several large patrols of enemies both hunkered down in fortifications and sweeping the sands of Mars. Among their number is a new enemy to deal with.


New enemy: Colossus (cabal)


Weak spot: Head


Colossi are equal in danger level to centurions. They have no shield but have more health to make up for it. Colossi also wield huge mini-guns and tend to chew through shields and health all too quickly. Another little ability they have is to periodically fire off a barrage of homing missiles which can put a serious crimp in an unsuspecting guardian's health bar.


Due to the lack of a shield, clever players can whittle them down or stay far enough out of range of their weaponry to snipe them to death. Guardians with powerful abilities can also smash through their health quickly to remove the threat (blade dancer hunters in particular, especially if they have the arc blade regeneration ability). Don't bother with regular melee attacks as you will only end up splattered over the nearby scenery in a colourful pattern.



The enemies in your path to the objective marker are similar to most groups encountered in the Mars missions so far. Legionaries, multiple phalanx, psions, centurions and the new colossus enemies will try to bar the way. Take your time, play defensively and thin the ranks before going after the big guns of the enemy. Conserving ammo can be a real issue if you are unfortunate with drops. At the far end of the canyon is a gigantic tunnel leading through the hillside and coming out to the wastes beyond.


Objective: Assault the tower


Once again cross the open world, taking out the enemy stragglers in your path until you reach a large structure (the tower). Work on clearing up the Legionaries and phalanx troops at the base before working your way upwards towards the stronger enemies above. The colossus guarding the control room is the biggest threat of the area, so make sure to have something ready for him when he appears. At the top, inside the control room is a terminal you can use your ghost on. Do so.


Objective: Cross the field


And a trekking we go once again across the open world. The next objective is inside a nearby structure but a large open area with several groups of enemies is between you and it. You can try the slow method of picking the enemies off or the quick method of trying to rush through on your sparrow and most likely dying (mostly because of the centurion waiting at the entrance). The structure is actually a storage shed for cabal vehicles (interceptors), which you can purloin (read: steal).



Hmm, a vehicle with weapons. Surely Bungie has never done this before. Anyway, take flight and blast your way towards the marker on the compass. The marked path leads to a long tunnel that winds deep into the mountain it cuts through. This of course being guarded by more enemies including a colossus. After wandering a little ways into the tunnel, you will cross into a darkness zone.


Objective: Open the gate


A bit further on is a large doorway that opens up to a spacious chamber. After stepping inside, the alarms will ring across the dry air and waves of enemies will emerge.


Objective: Survive the ambush


Three waves will greet you before you can  progress. These consist of legionaries, phalanxes (ah ha, you can use either. Had to look it up though) and psions as well as a heavier unit in each wave (except the first). The second wave has a centurion and the third has a colossus. Stay far enough back to deal with the onrush of enemies and make your shots count (their heads may be small but 300% damage per shot is well worth the extra effort). Grenades and melee attacks are useful in dealing with the psions and legionaries who get too close as you work on the tougher enemies. Once the doors are clear and the third wave is vanquished, approach the huge red gate and it will open up.



Objective: Storm the keep


To reveal phalanxes of course (yellow health bars among them). Use your grenades and target your shots to swat aside the shields and quickly take care of them. A tunnel and more rooms will be ahead until you emerge into the sunlight once more.


Objective: Capture the spire


As you do, a large bridge will stretch in front of you and your ghost will mention that you need to cross it. Anyone else suspecting another ambush? Bingo! As you walk onto the bridge, a colossus, phalanxes, psions and legionaries will appear and make problems in your life (not to mention perforating your outfit). Work your way through the group and another will be waiting for you at the far end of the bridge. Keep clearing the way, working your way up the track to the giant circular area above with the strange monument in the center of the area.


Objective: Wake the eye


Time to make use of that eye you've been lugging around since mission sixteen. Interact with the marked device and watch the conflux reshape itself. After a few seconds, the boss of this mission will arrive along with some minions. Primus Sha'aull.


Objective. Face primus sha'aull


Treat the guy like a centurion without the shield who deals a bit more damage and has a far longer health bar. His grenade launcher and rockets will make short work of you if you don't keep moving. His allies are finite, so deal with them first and then dance around the boss as you whittle him down. After a hail of gunfire, he will run out of health and the way will be clear.



Objective: Claim the eye


Pick up the now charged eye and the mission will finish.



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