Story 19 - The Buried City



STORY MISSION 19: The Buried City


Recommended Lv: 17



Objective: Get to the buried city


Hey, a relatively short mission here folks (around fifteen instead of thirty minutes), which makes a bit of a change. As usual we start with the traditional over world trek as we try and locate the buried city. Yeah, it kinda isn't buried so it isn't hard to locate. A few groups of enemies may be in the way but soon enough you'll be zooming down the streets of the city and your objective will change.



Objective: Locate the cabal signal


Keep following the marker until you enter a structure. Inside the welcoming party of legionaries and phalanxes should be easy prey for you at this point. Keep working your way through the building, taking one the cabal forces as you go (the next group has a yellow health centurion to contend with).


Objective: Tap cabal feed


A device in the same room as the centurion can be used by your ghost. Who will inform you about another group in the tower next door. Jump out the nearby window (seriously, it's much quicker) and enter the new building.



Objective: Enter the skyscraper


As you descend into the bowels of the building, you will cross into a darkness zone and a new area. The Dust Palace.


Objective: Ascend the skyscraper


Wait, weren't we just going down? Eh, looks like we are going up now. Phalanxes and psions will be waiting at the entrance to the Dust Palace area. Clear the open area of the floor and continue following your marker. As you enter the next area, an enemy force we haven't faced since Venus will show up.


The vex are back and in full force (goblins and minotaurs) and are engaged in cross-fire with the cabal troops (legionaries). Skirt the edges of the area and thin out the vex forces without alerting the minotaur if you can. Once the vex are done for, you should be able to quickly take out any remaining legionaries in the area and run upstairs.


A squad of psions can be found on an upper level along with a centurion. Use the nearby cover and melee or head shot the psions to clear the weaklings out fast before turning on their leader. A few more stairs along and your objective will change.



Objective: Find the overwatch


Walk up to sets of stairs and your objective will change again (wow, great objective there fellas).


Objective: Track the recon team


Just after the new objective, you'll run into another group of cabal forces (legionaries and phalanxes) work your way onwards to reach a colossus at the back of the area.


Objective: Expel the cabal


Pull out the big guns and bring the thunder to the powerful enemy (flanked by his phalanx forces he can be a pain to deal with. In these situations, grenades and abilities are your friends). After the colossus is no more, head up another set of stairs to reach the top floor (dealing with any enemies in the way).



At the top floor, the forces here seem to be guarding something. Mop up the legionaries, psions and phalanxes in the room and more will keep spawning. A centurion will also be among them so be wary of him as you go. More and more enemies will keep spawning until eventually the flood stops. When it does, you can take the time to have a look at what all the fuss was about.


Objective: Secure the ancient machine


Use your ghost on the machine (deus ex machina eh people?) and after a few seconds the mission will end.



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