Story 20 - A Rising Tide



STORY MISSION 20: A Rising Tide


Recommended Lv: 17



Objective: Reach the scablands


As we enter the penultimate mission of the story, we need to head for a lovely sounding location. The Scablands. Jump on your sparrow and start your open world journey after the compass marker. The journey shouldn't be too hazardous and as you near the end you should see the glowing white conflux in stark contrast to the red surrounding hills of dust.



Objective: Access vex conflux


Head for the conflux and as you arrive, a group of vex will spawn (a minotaur and several goblins). By this point in the game they should be a simple matter to take to pieces. Once the little squad is gone, interact with the glowing pillar to find you need to travel elsewhere.


Objective: Enter the buried city


Time to head back to the buried city folks. A fairly long and trip across the over world with little to no enemy forces awaits before you close in on the marked area. When you near the place, you may stumble across a group of shielded harpies, hobgoblins and minotaurs which can be a pain to take down (they re-spawn as well after the group is defeated). You can either rush through them or try and take them all out. Either way, once you are past them keep going into the structure until you reach a new area (freehold station) and a darkness area.



Objective: Navigate the dark


Wow, its been a while since we've had to do this sort of objective (last time was on earth). But this time instead it's the vex we need to take care of. Remember to aim for the white cores (if possible) or the glowing red eye of the harpies. The enemies in this darkened area are goblins and harpies. After reaching the doorway at the rear of the darkened room, your objective will change.


Objective: Find the vex source


Keep working your way through the building, taking out the odd goblin as you go until you stumble upon a yellow health cyclops guarding a large open area. Aim for the eye and take care of the freshly spawned enemies (goblins and hobgoblins) when it starts generating them. Once the room is clear, enter the nearby tunnel and keep moving.



As you emerge into a more open area goblins,a heap of harpies and some hobgoblins will be waiting. Deal with them as you see fit and walk further into the huge room. As you do, you may notice the transfer gates scattered across the area (haven't seen these for a while either). As before, shutting the gates is the priority here to prevent enemy spawning.


Objective: Destroy the gates


Several gates will be scattered about, so make sure to destroy them as soon as you spot them. The spawned enemies can include goblins, hobgoblins, harpies and minotaurs so be careful. At the rear of the area you will see another conflux, guarded by yellow health minotaurs with two gates nearby. Focus on the gates first before anything else.



Objective: Terminate the vex


Once all the gates are gone, you still need to clear the area of the remaining vex. Terminate with extreme prejudice people!


Objective: Investigate vex conflux


Get your ghost to investigate the conflux and the mission will conclude.



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