Strike 01 - The Devil's Lair



STRIKE MISSION 01: The Devil's Lair


Recommended Level: 08



Note: The video is taken from the strike playlist, so the enemy levels are different when compared to the strike found on Earth itself.


Objective: Enter the devil's lair


The strike will begin in the Rocketyards area of the Cosmodrome, so spawn your sparrow and blast your way directly ahead. Follow the tracks and marker past the battling hive and fallen until you enter a building (you can remain on the sparrow for quite a while here if you want). After you cross into a darkness zone you will stumble into another fallen versus hive skirmish.



With both sides being distracted, you should have ample opportunity to blow them up without them noticing you. Keep heading deeper into the complex until you reach a larger and more open area where a large force of fallen and hive are facing off. Repeat the same process you just did on the enemies in this area to bring up a new objective.


Objective: Hack mesh generator


A nearby tunnel has been filled with a laser grid which needs to be deactivated before you can move on. Unfortunately this means you are about to be bombarded with multiple waves of enemies while your ghost hacks away merrily. Now even when you are over-leveled for this mission, the crossfire can be difficult to survive. One of the best spots is the small catwalk just behind the mesh generator.



This is due to the fact you can crouch down behind the shipping container to regenerate health and you have good line of sight over the area up there. The initial wave consists of a captain, several dreg and a couple of vandals. This is followed by six shanks. Then a captain, multiple dreg, vandals and stealth vandals with sniper rifles. The next wave features plenty of stealth melee vandals just waiting to catch you off guard.


The next wave has both fallen and hive enemies. Wizards, captains, dreg, acolytes and thralls will all turn up and battle each other and you. The next group is a set of six shanks once more. Yet more invisible melee vandals will show up along with dreg, regular vandals and a final captain (the captain is a named yellow health bar enemy, making him tough to take down without focused fire).


After all of those enemies are defeated, the laser barrier is finally down and you can move on.


Objective: Infiltrate devil's lair


Another short trip through the building with a fallen patrol (captain, dreg and vandals) to deal with awaits before you reach the outside world once more. When you reach the outside world though, you will want to be very cautious as a new and quite dangerous enemy will arrive via drop ship at the rear of this open area.


New enemy: Walker (fallen)


Weak spot: Legs and core


Wow is this thing a beast. Covered in heavy armour with a huge HP pool to match. The fallen walker has three attacks and they are all doozies. The first is a large AoE stomp when players get too close (so don't bother trying to melee this thing). The second is a barrage of blue plasma bolts that deal significant damage with each hit (but normally won't kill outright unless your defense is really low).


The final attack is a rocket, for which the walker will sight the target (a red glow will appear as the walker takes aim) and then will be launched quickly towards the target. This has a large blast radius and can easily kill a guardian in one hit, so be very cautious and sprint away when you see that red light.


As for actually damaging this enemy, there are generally two repeating stages in dealing with it. Firstly you need to focus fire on the armoured legs. After enough shots, the leg armour will break and deal a chunk of damage to the walker. It will also stumble and open up it's core (starting the second phase). When it does this, focus fire on the glowing orange core until it stands up once more and then repeat.


Normally you need to destroy at least four legs and then blast it with a couple of rockets to destroy it completely. Players with long range weaponry (sniper rifles and scout rifles) will want to remain on the top of the building at the entrance to the area and take potshots from there (killing the spawning vandal and captain each time they arrive for more ammo). Other players will most likely want to try and flank the walker along the edges of the area instead (the right side has a particularly good covered area). With enough persistence, the walker will finally hit the floor.



The area will also be swarming with re-spawning (until the walker is destroyed) fallen enemies as well, so be careful moving around as it is easy to get flanked and whittled down. Or just distracted by the regular enemies and blown up by the walker (it's happened to me several times). Once the armoured mech is dead and the area is clear, restock your ammo from the enemies in the area and enter the large door behind where the walker was standing.



Objective: Find sepiks prime


Wend your way through a few more corridors to reach a large door that will open when you approach to reveal the strike boss (surrounded by dreg).


Objective: Decimate the fallen


Ah, people love using the word decimate, often in the incorrect sense (reduced or weakened by one tenth). Anyway, now my inner word snob is out of the way, let's deal with this boss.



Boss: Sepiks Prime (fallen)


Weak spot: Eye/ core


Why is the strike boss far easier than the fallen walker we just faced? Anyway, when you initially open the door to his chamber, sepiks is leeching power from the kneeling dregs surrounding him to form an impenetrable shield. So, first order of business is to kill the surrounding dreg to remove the shield.


Once you do Sepiks will begin firing purple blasts of energy at you and teleporting around every twenty seconds or so. Target the eye/ core with your regular weaponry or a sniper rifle. Players with grenades that stick on a target can also use those on the boss to damage it.


After taking set amounts of damage, the boss will spawn in shanks, dreg and vandals (sometimes only one enemy type, other times a mix) to divert your attention while it happily blasts you to oblivion. Quickly deal with the spawned enemies and then resume firing on the boss. The boss has a fair amount of hit points but after enough shots it will shatter and the strike will be over.



Rejoice in your victory and wait for the mission to end.



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