Strike 01 - The Will of Crota




Recommended Level: 26



Objective: Track Omnigul


You and your allies will spawn in the Forgotten Shore area. Hop onto your sparrow and burn your way up the road to the Terrestrial Complex area where the marker is pointing on your mini-map. 


Objective: Search the Terrestrial Complex


When you enter the complex itself, jump off your sparrow and head inside. You'll cross into a darkness zone as you enter. Navigate your way through the series of eerily empty rooms and climb the stairs to reach the first group of enemies in this strike. Fallen forces (captains with arc shields, vandals and dreg) will be waiting for you to enter the large, open area. Carefully advance through the room, clearing them out as you go.



As you are merrily killing, more will spawn in (including shanks), so be wary of getting unexpectedly surrounded by spawning enemies if you are in the center of the room. Work around the outside edges on the raised areas where you can use the pillars for cover. Melee captains will also begin to join the fray. When you see them, concentrate fire on them immediately as they can hurt if they catch you unaware.


After enough fallen forces are no more, the hive will arrive in the form of a swarm of around twenty thralls. The thralls will engage any remaining fallen forces and you as well. Try and take out the cluster quickly if you can while they are still distracted with AoE abilities and grenades.



Knights and more thralls will keep spawning into the room followed by a large group of fallen (vandals and dreg) in the central area. Another massive swarm of thralls will arrive after the fallen as the final enemy gasp. Once the room is finally clear, the laser barrier will disappear and you can press onwards.


Objective: Eliminate the fallen


Ascend the stairs leading out of the room and walk through the next room to find more fallen forces lurking outside. Captains, stealth vandals, sniper vandals (prioritize these) and shanks will all rush at you. Remain just inside at the doorway and pick them off from relative safety, retreating if the snipers hit you or the stealth vandals get too close. Keep whittling down their forces until you've blunted the first advance (the snipers, captains and stealth vandals are dead), before moving outside into the open.



Fallen warships will be dropping in more enemies as the battle rages on. Make sure to stay back out of it's grenade drop range and avoid the blasts from it's cannons. The next wave involves melee captains and more vandals (melee and ranged). So retreat back inside if you need to heal or avoid their attacks. Several more waves of dreg, vandals and captains will drop from the ship after that, but they are mostly just the regular kind and will fall quickly to head-shots.


In the last wave, there will be a yellow health bar captain, Phyksin King Baron. He will take a fair bit of firepower to bring down, but keep focus firing on him with the team and he should fall. Once he's gone, mop up any remaining enemies and follow the mini-map arrow once more. Enter back into the complex through a different door and travel to the rear of the area to find a staircase leading down. Take it and follow the linear path outside once more.



Objective: Breach the Jovian Complex


Outside will be the loot cave 1.0 area at Skywatch. Drop down the cliff in front of you and quickly sprint inside the downed hive ship to the right. Wend your way through more abandoned corridors until you find a roller door you can use your ghost on. After the door is raised, walk inside.



Objective: Find Omnigul


Run around a couple of corners and you'll stumble across Omnigul, who will immediately scream and spawn a bunch of thralls, a melee knight and a ranged knight. Back up and deal with the small swarm. During this, Omnigul will vanish once again. Round the next corner is another hive force of two (solar shield) wizards, ranged knights with plasma launchers. This is followed shortly afterwards by an ogre and melee knights. Omnigul is hidden at the top of the rise, spawning these enemies for your enjoyment (you can hear her summoning screams).



Cursed thralls will be the next items on the menu, followed by regular thralls. So be sure to back away when they start to appear so you can pick them off safely. After that, start pushing up the hill through the remaining enemies, emptying the room as you go. When you reach the corridor at the top, the objective will update.


Objective: Kill Omnigul


You'll come to a small room with two entrances that opens out into a much larger room with Omnigul floating on a bridge in the middle of it. Let me mention something in advance here, she has quite a powerful arc shield and a massive amount of health. I mean massive. So don't expect this fight to be over quick. Make friends with the small entry room too, as you will be using it as your main retreat and heal point for this fight.



There isn't really much strategy involved in this fight (unlike most of the strike missions), Omnigul will periodically scream and unleash various groups of hive enemies at your party. To damage her, you'll need to jump up to the bridge, blast away her shield and damage her as much as you can before you need to retreat for health reasons.



Occasionally, your team will retreat to the small room due to melee knight swarms or cursed thralls appearing. Other than that, keep hammering away, dealing damage to her when you can. Be wary of hiding in the tiny room in the wall above the small room though as it is a spawn point and could result in you going boom if a cursed thrall appears there.


Once you've defeated her, the final quest from Eris should be complete if you have it. Return to the Tower and hand it in to her to receive a legendary item for your character as a reward.



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