Achievement Checklist

Unmissable Story Achievements

Imperial Seal - Unlocks during Mission1

Jewel of the South - Unlocks During Mission 2

The Beast Within - Unlocks During Mission 3

Labyrinthine Mind - Unlocks During Mission 4

A Night in 1849 - Unlocks During Mission 7

Spirit Their - Unlocks During Mission 8

Down with the Duke - Unlocks During Mission 8

The Greatest Gift - Unlocks when you finish the game


The Royal Protector - Unmissable if you finish the game with Corvo Attano

The Empress - Unmissable if you finish the game with Emily Kaldwin


Missable Sidequest Achievements

Freedom of Speech - In Mission 1, Save the Printer of the Dunwall Courier. If you sneak up to the top floor of the Courier building (it's across from the Boyle House), you'll hear a Guard threatening a journalist. Wait until the Guard has actually announced his intent to kill the fellow, then choke out or assassinate the guard. Talk to the printer when he calms down.


Morbid Theft - In Mission 2, steal a corpse for Mindy Blanchard. Mindy is sitting on a couch outside the Black Market, and will give you this quest to retrieve a body from the Overseer building, and carry it to an open grave beneath the dentist's office. Tricky to pull off unseen, but check our walkthrough for further details.


Stay of Execution - In Mission 2, stop a civilian from getting pushed into a Wall of Light. Just before you reach the Wall of Light in the Dockyard Quarter (this is also just after you get a tutorial pop-up about neutral zones vs hostile zone), you'll overhear two Guards threatening a civvie. Attacking the Guards will allow the hapless wretch to escape, but so will distracting them. Just make sure he isn't killed in the crossfire before he escapes, and you'll bag this achievement.


Silence- Eliminate Jindosh without him ever knowing you were there. This means making a beeline for his office, and not engaging any enemies, pulling any levers, or causing any explosions until you've neutralized him.


Gazebo - Read the memorial plaque in the Gazebo, located in the Dunwall Tower courtyard in Mission 9.


Familiarity Breeds Contempt - Rob Dr. Galvani's apartment in Mission 1 (it's the apartment nearest your descent from the tower, the one with the Lady Boyle painting), and again in Mission 9.


The Place of Three Deaths - Kill Paolo 2 times. That's once during his Black Market appearance in Lower Aventa during Mission 4, and twice in the Howler Compound during Mission 6.


Faithful to the Abbey- Side with the Overseers in the Dust District by eliminating Paolo, and hauling his body to Vice Overseer Byrne.


Howlers to the End - Side with the Howlers in the Dust District by eliminating Vice Overseer Byrne and hauling his body to Paolo.


Oracular Echoes - Use the lever on Breanna's device three time to hear three prophecies from the corpsified Sisterhood. This must be done before sabotaging the device,so ghostly players may find it easier to save before sabotage, slaughter the witches, get this achievement, then reload for their 'actual' playthrough.



Missable Puzzle Related Achievements

Eureka - Solve the Jindosh lock in Chapter 4 without getting any hints. The lock is different in every playthrough, but it does not reset mid game. If you don't want to work out the logic table for this one, you can save your game early, get the answer from either faction leader by killing the other faction leader, then reload and enter the revealed solution.


Under The Table - In Mission 7. Sounds harder than it is- just crouch under the dining room table in the present, shift to the pat, and grab the key which is already in easy reach. Child's play.


Flooded Basement - In Mission 7, reach the basement, dispatch the guards in the past, take the crank wheel from its display case, and toss it through the hole in the wall. Zip to the present to enter the now larger hole, and then attach the and use the crank in the past to drain the water, and snag the required rune.


Dilapidated - In Mission 7, find the balcony supported by red connector struts in the past. Shoot them out to reveal a wrecked balcony in the present.



Black Market Burglar - Rob a Black Market Shop. Our walkthrough details how to take down each shop, but the easiest is probably the one in Mission 9- just come up through a hole in the ceiling of the dockside warehouse to claim this one.



Missable Feat-Related Achievements


Fearless Fall- In Mission 3, perform drop-attack from the highest point in Addermire. Just make sure you haven't already neutralized all the enemies before making your way to the roof of Institute, and perching on the highest parapet. There's a guard naturally stationed in your killzone, but if you've already offed him, you can try luring in nearby guards with crossbow bolts.



Ghostly - Finish an entire mission without being spotted. Our walkthrough has a no-detection guide for every mission, but if you just want this achievement, the easiest ghost missions are probably Mission 1 and Mission 7, where a mission specific artifact lets you track enemies with ease


Heartbeat Reaper - Eliminate 6 enemies in less than 1.5 seconds. The key to this is knowing that 'eliminate' means 'kill,' and even an enemy that's been knocked out can still be eliminated. With this in mind, choke out 6 poor suckers, stack them in a pile, and put a cherry grenade on top.


Fatal Redirect - Kill an enemy with their own bullet. Easiest to do by using the Reflexes Enhancement 'Superior Deflection,' and going toe-to-toe with a pistol wielder. The Overseer on the balcony above the preachers in Mission 2 is a good candidate for this one, if you place yourself on the balcony opposite. He can't get close enough to engage in sword attacks, and it'll take minutes before anyone on the ground starts chucking grenades at you.


Sliding Marksman - Another Reflexes Enhancement, 'Focused Slide,' seems designed just for this achievement. Execution is easiest with the more-precise crossbow (unless you want to wait for the late-game sniper-mod for the pistol). Just make sure you have a good run-up to your target, and that your target doesn't have any special head protection. Execute the slide and use Zoom to nail the shot.


Acrobat- Elimate 10 enemies with drop assassination. Unfortunately, simply knocking someone out doesn't count for this one- they're looking for blood. Easy to get with Corvo's Blink ability- as long as you've got a little headspace to work with, you can Blink into space right over enemies and apply the relevant attack, even indoors.


Rogue - Eliminate 20 unaware enemies. All enemies start unaware, so this one is easy enough- use standard stealth tactics to kill or otherwise neutralize enemies before they spot you.


Shadow - Finish the game without being spotted. See our walkthrough for a start-to-finish guide to this. While playstyles differ, this is probably easier with Corvo than Emily, as his Blink power allows for quick evasions and takedowns, and is undetectable in transit. Of course, with New Game +, Emily can use Blink to accomplish the same thing.


In Good Conscience - Complete the game in Low Chaos. In order of importance - don't kill civilians, don't kill enemies, don't be seen, and don't let bodies be found. Eat all the live rats you want (this may be none).


Clean Hands - Complete the game without killing anyone. This walkthrough is a no-kill guide, but in general be prepared for a lot of patient sneaking, shadowing, choking, and body-hiding. Slow, but satisfying.


Flesh & Steel - Refuse the Outsider's Mark, and finish the game without powers.


Occult Carver - Craft 10 Bonecharms. Another fire & forget type achievement. Save your game. Buy the Bonecharm Crafting power if you haven't yet. Craft 10 bonecharms of any kind, regardless of corruption, usefulness, etc, then reload after the achievement pops. If you play a bonecharm heavy build, of course, you'll simply acquire this one naturally.


Circle of Life - Transition between human hound, rat, fish, and bloodfly from a single cast of Possession. Note that you do not need to do them in that order, and it's okay to do one form more than once, as long as all teh boxes are checked by the time Possesion expires. Made easier by maxing out the all the Possession powers, of course. You can stack the deck in your favor by using Devouring Swarm to summon rats, and using Bloodfly Swarm or even just High Chaos to encourage bloodfly growth. However, you can also find all the lifeforms required just inside outside the basement entrance to the conservatory in Mission 5. Possessing a gravehound counts for the achievement, but will kill you instantly, so plan for that last. Also note that, for no good reason, bloodflies can't pass through open gates. One tactic once past the Wall of Light, unlatch the gate fartherst from the Watchtower. At the top of these stairs is a door with a gravehound on the other side- open the door and sneak out of sight. Lurk in the sewer grate near the fountain here until the guard becomes suspicious. Now quickly transition between the nearby rats to the nearby bloodflies. Buzz through the grate to the fountain and possess a fish (it's okay to fire blindly- your aim doesn't have to be dead on), and look up for that searching guard. Possess him and walk around to the the unlatched gate, possessing the gravehound the moment you crest the stairs. It's just that maddeningly tetchy easy.

UPDATE: Possessing gravehounds no longer results in instant death, making this a snap. Open the door, possess the hound, then down the stairs to the rats, rat to bloodfly to fish. If the guy isn't close enough, look to the right- there's aways a lone bloodfly hovering conveniently above the pool here. Zap to him then guy to close the circle.


The Lovers - Link two characters with Domino just before one kills the other. Equip Domino, then sneak up behind any duo of enemies (civilians won't work). Domino the two, then jump up and start choking one- use them as a shield when the other attacks, and bingo.




Missable Not-Killing-People-Related Achivements


Counter-Serum - Chat with Dr. Hypatia aboard the Dreadful Wale. You can only do this if you took the non-lethal route through Mission 3, and administered the cure to the Crown Killer. See our walkthrough for full details.


Years Ago, Another Time - If you reach Mission 9 with Low Chaos, Foster will tell you the story of her past when you chat with her on the Wale.


Alternative Approach - Finish an entire Mission with no casualties. Our walkthrough has no-kill guide for every mission, but if you just want the achievement, it's probably easiest to get on Mission 1 (particularly you don't care about the generally low-level loot here) and Mission 3, which offers a nearly endless supply of chloroform for your no-kill needs.


Missable Collection Related Achievements


Well Funded- Find 60% of available loot. Obviously you can miss a whole lot of loot and still get this achievement, so don't stress if you finish every mission a few hundred or even a thousand short. I'f you're consistently finding less than half of the loot in level, be sure to purchase and use Darkvision both to hilight tiny lootable you might have missed, and reveal in caches in hidden rooms or seemingly inaccessible areas. Keep your eyes peeled for open windows, especially high ones, and shopfronts that can be smashed open. Lastly, remember that guards and civilian alike can be pickpocketed for cash, and bloodfly hives sometimes contain valuable blood amber (a peek with Darkvision can tell you ahead of time which hives hold treasure).

Clockwork Collector - Obtain numbered plaques from 3 Clockwork Soldiers. You cannot, alas, simply steal these from dormant clankers, you have to destroy them first. You can do this in combat, or rewire them, which will eventually cause them self destruct. Perhaps the most efficient way is to rewire one in the presence of another, and let them fight it out.


Art Collector - Acquire all 25 collectible paintings, as detailed here.


Souvenirs - Acquire the ten decorative objects scattered through the game, as detailed here.


Royal Spymaster - Scour the Wale each and every time you're aboard for communiques between Foster and Sokolov, including audiographs. Read/listen to all of them for this achievement.

Heart Whispers - Use the heart to listen to the secrets of 40 different people. Easy enough in theory- just point the Heart at someone, and activate it to hear some ethereally disturbing anecdote. Rinse & repeat forty times, but be sure to finihs your count before the end of Mission 8, at which point this achievement becomes unattainable for the rest of the playthrough.

Songs of Serkonos - A right pain of an achievement. There are three wandering troupes of musicians on three different levels- you have to listen to the songs of each, though you won't know until the last one whether you've listened long enough or close enough,. Also, if you robbed any of the black markets, the final troupe will not appear, instead having been replaced by extra market security. So if you're going for this one, make it a priority from the start.

The first duo is in Mission 2, performing in the market under the railway. As with all duos, if you spook them by starting a fight or causing a panic (ie, by carrying a tattooed body to the dentist's basement next door), they'll bolt and your chance will be lost. Instead, keep a low profile, hang close until they finish singing, then talk to them.

The same general strategy holds true for the duo in Mission 6. They can be found in the Howler compound's inner courtyard. As they're surrounded by hostile who will attack you on sight (unless you're toting the vice-overseer's body), do your listening from a nearby rooflet or from behind the dressing room screen they're using for back drop.

The third duo is playing in front of the Black Market in Mission 8. Unless you so much as cracked the door of some earlier Black Market, in which case the musician will be replaced by a Howler ambush, and the achievement becomes unattainable in this playthrough.

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