Mission 2 - The Edge of the World

Mission 2 -The Edge of the World

Major Choices

  • Regain the Outsider's Mark, or play the game without any powers

Collectibles Checklist

  • 4 Paintings (1 in Part II, 2 in Part III, 1 in Part IV)

  • 2 Blueprints (1 in Part II, 1 in Part III)

  • 10 Runes  (3 in Part I, 2 in Part II, 4 in Part III, 1 in Part IV)

  • 8 Bonecharms (2 in Part I, 1 in Part II,  3 in Part III, 2 in Part IV)

  • 2 Shrines (1 in part I, 1 in Part III)

Special Actions

  • Black Market Heist (Part II)

  • The Nest Keeper (Part II)

  • A Fresh Grave (Part III)

  • Hypatia's Apartment (Part IV)

  • Try to Unlock Me (Part IV)

  • Push Come to Shove (Part III)

Missable Achievements

  • Morbid Theft (acquired with the Special Action for A Fresh Grave)
  • Stay of Execution (acquired with the Special Action for Push Come to Shove)
  • Songs of Serkonos (The actions taken in Part III will earn one third of this achievement)


  • The helmet of an elite guard. Unlike other trophy-from-my-enemy souvenirs, this one only seems attainable on this Mission.


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