Mission 5 - The Royal Conservatory

Mission 5 - The Royal Conservatory

Major Choices

  • Kill or spare Breanna

  • Decide on Masterwork upgrades for Crossbow and Howling Bolts

Collectibles Checklist

  • 3 Paintings

  • 3 Blueprints

  • 6 Runes

  • 9 Bonecharms

  • 1 Shrine

Special Actions

  • Shrewd Negotiations - Sold the Roseburrow Prototype from the Conservatory to the Black Market.

  • Black Market Heist - Continued your ceaseless reign of terror against your suppliers

  • Witch No More - Spared Breanna

  • Spying Overseers - Listened to the audiograph in the Overseer Outpost

  • Parley With Delilah - Talked to a statue of your current nemesis

Missable Achievements

  • Oracular Echoes - Before sabotaging Breanna's fell device, pull the lever three times to hear the voices of the lost Abbey sisters.


  • A broken whalebone sword from the upper level of the Conservatory. Looks a bit like Narsil.

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