Mission 7 - A Crack in the Slab

Mission 7 - A Crack In the Slab

Major Choices

  • Save, kill, or ignore Aramis Stilton in the past.

Collectibles Checklist

  • 2 Paintings

  • 1 Blueprints

  • 4 Runes

  • 7 Bonecharms

  • No Shrine

Special Actions

  • Under The Table - Steal a Master Key while undetected under the dining room table

  • A Mind Made Whole - Save Aramis' sanity by knocking him out

  • Temporal Investigator- Manipulate the past to access Aramis' study without the door code

  • Leaky Basement - Used the crank wheel to drain the basement and acquire a Rune

  • Collapsed Balcony - Shoot up a balcony in the past to make a wreck in the present

  • A Better Today - Enter Aramis' office in a renewed present.

Missable Achievements

  • Under The Table - Steal a Master Key from the Dining Room without hurtin' or alertin' any of the guards here. Easy if you get under the table in the present before flipping over into the past.
  • Dilapidation - Shoot out the stabilizing connectors of an interior balcony in the past to make a ruin in the present.
  • Flooded Basement - Use a crank and the fluid nature of space time to drain the bloodflied chamber in the basement and claim a Rune.


  • The calendar by the door inside the piano room, in the past.

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