Mission 8 - The Grand Palace

Mission 8 - The Grand Palace

Major Choices

  • Kill and/or replace the Duke

  • Use a Masterwork Blueprint to make your pistol more like a rifle, or like a shotgun.

Collectibles Checklist

  • 3 Paintings

  • 3 Blueprints

  • 5 Runes

  • 7 Bonecharms

  • 1 Shrine

Special Actions

  • Black Market Heist - Terrorize yet another entrepreneur

  • Through the Pantry - Use Aramis' secret passage to reach the Vault

  • Sunken Storage- Enter the flooded tunnels

  • Friends in High Places - Promoted the body double to Duke

  • Haunted by the Past - Took the wood gazelle from the Vault

  • Addressing Karnaca - Made a public broadcast to the good folk of Karnaca, and also all the other folk of Karnaca.


  • Wooden gazelle ornament from the Vault.


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