Mission 9 - Death to the Empress

Mission 9 - Death to the Empress

Major Choices

  • Bring or do not bring Death to the Empress

Collectibles Checklist

  • 1 Painting

  • 2 Blueprints

  • 5 Runes

  • 9 Bonecharms

  • 1 Shrine

Special Actions

  • Captain's Cabin - Searched Foster's cabin aboard the Wale.

  • Avenging Jessamine - Killed an ally who had a hand in Jessamine's death.

  • Black Market Heist - Entered the market via the warehouse, with larcenous intent.

  • In the Coven's Wake - Used the microphone on the balcony just outside the saferoom to address the city.

  • Heart of the Tower - Reached the Guard quarters inside Dunwall Tower.

  • World as it should be - Nonlethally trapped Delilah in a snare of her own devising.

  • Saving your daughter/father - Restored the family member who was turned to stone in the prologue.

Missable Achievements

  • Gazebo - No, you don't attack it. Read the plaque on the site of Jessamine's death for this achievement.


  • Emily's doll, in the Imperial Safe Room (Which can only be reached via the Throne Room side door- the Streets side has been blocked).

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