Painting Checklist

Painting Checklist

Mission 1

  • In the hallway just after just leaving the Imperial Safe Room

  • In Dr Galvani's apartment- the apartment nearest your descent from Dunwall Tower.

Mission 2

  • In witch's apartment, accessible via the high balcony you see on the blue building, just as you step off the docks

  • In the ransacked apartment next to the windmill which powers the Wall of the Light, the painting is in the same small room as the Outsider Shrine

  • On the third floor of the Overseer building, across from big desk.

  • In Dr. Hypatia's apartment, to your right as your enter via the front door.


Mission 3

  • Hanging just right of the Wall of Light as you enter the Institute through the front door.

  • In the Lost & Found, accessible through destroying the elevator connectors in the attic (which you reach via the roof) and letting it plummet through the barricade that blocks off the lowest level).

  • Hanging in the Office of the Crown Killer, just next to a Corrupted Bonecharm.


Mission 4

  • In an apartment accessible by balcony, which also holds the bonecharm nearest to your entry point to Lower Aventa.

  • In another balconied apartment, this one in the blue building overlooking the back alley where you first overhear the heisters plotting.

  • In the bloodfly ridden apartment off the central plaze in Upper Aventa.

  • Hanging behind Jindosh's desk (and probably behind Jindosh himself) in the laboratory of the Clockwork Mansion.

  • In Anton Sokolov's prison chamber.

  • In Jindosh's bedroom, accessible via lever while standing in the section closest to the laboratory.


Mission 5

  • In the bloodfly infested apartment across from the rooftop bar.

  • In Breanna's office within the Conservatory.

  • In the Forbidden Archive (yes, that's what its actually called), in the Conservatory basement, behind a corral of bookcase you'll have to Blink/Far Reach/climb over.


Mission 6

  • In Paolo's office on the third floor of the Howler compound.

  • Just off Paolo's office, in the bathroom-slash-unholy-shrine room (ask your decorator if this bold new look is right for you!)

  • In the abandoned attic rooms above the top (reachable) floor of the Overseer Outpost. You can reach them by Blinknig/Far Reaching/Climbing up to a small leftward balcony in the Vice-Overseer's office (leftward, that is, if you're inside the room, facing the front door).


Mission 7

  • Inside the Vault off the dining room. Step inside the open Vault in the present, then flip to the past to claim it.

  • On the upper floor, by the bookcases between the 'Dilipidated' balcony and the Butterfly Room.


Mission 8


  • In the Nestkeeper apartment by the Watchtower, above the apartment with the ransom-minded Grand Guards, below the windmill which powers the Wall.

  • On the wall above the fireplace in Duke Abele's office.

  • On the wall by the piano in Delilah Copperspoon's Chambers.



Mission 9


  • In the Dunwall Tower grounds, on a parapet below the Gazebo.

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