Part I - The Dreadful Wale and Cyria Gardens

Part I - The Dreadful Wale and Cyria Gardens

Wake up aboard the Wale for another Strange Interlude, this time hosted by Delilah. I wonder why she goes to the trouble, really.

Wake up for realsies. Talk to Dr. Hypatia, and then Meagan and Anton. Comb the ships for notes, as per usual, read Meagan's diary again (you beast), and exterminate the bloodflies in the engine room, replenishing your incendiary bolts if necessary.

When your tasks aboard the Wale are complete, then skiff on over to the Gardens.

NOTE: There is a known bug where witches you knock unconscious may later die spontaneously. If the 'Clean Hands' achievement is important to you, consider evading all witches until after you've activated the Oraculum.

Use Darkvision to loot some bits bobs from the nearby shelves and boat. Climb the stair here and incapacitate the guard. Stash his body and trail the other blueshirt up the all for his date with dreamland, then finally the red guard studying the map.

The optional objective about discovering Byrne's knowledge is in the building across from the map, so let's check it out.

Enter through the front door, noticing the extremely obvious black market sign. Descend and purchase any upgrades or gear you need, while also picking up another optional objective. Come back up the stairs and peek through the keyhole, to see a pirate threatening a 'poor maid.' Who is armed to the teeth.

Yes, it's the Howlers pulling their ol' damsel in distress routine again, but it's hard to see why. Don't they realize the streets are locked down (as the shopkeeper just said?) Don't they realize what sort of people frequent the black market? Anyway, let their little pantomime play out, then neutralize the lot- you can pull the first one through the window, then blink over to choke the male enforcer, and finally take out the woman sitting at the bottom of the stairs.

Above you is a series of pipe and planks leading up to the top of the building. Note the bottle of chloroform here, though we don't really need it for anything. Yet.

Once you reach the balcony, Blink up to the roof for an overview of the scene, and its three guards. Given your vantage this should be a snap- wait for blueshirt one to patrol beneath you, while the sole redshirt turns away. Choke him out, and let his body fall as you blink over to the elite, choke, bodyfall, and take out the last guard against the rail. Sheer elegance.

You could turn off the power to the Wall here, but let's not spook the norms just yet. Instead slip through the open skylight to take out the lone overseer here.

Be sure to snag the silver precious urn from the mantle, and listen to the audiograph which completes this optional objective.

Loot the rest of the apartment, including a map of the Conservatory, then Blink up through the skylight again. Take the planking near where the leaning guards were over to the Wall of Light.

Sneak overhead, past the wall, eavesdropping on the soldier conversation. When they break apart, immediately tail the woman, dropping down atop the guardpost, then coming up behind as she reaches the railing.

Choke her out and leave her body in a doorway around the corner, then sneak back atop the guardhouse using Blink to bypass the other elite's line of sight. Once the Elite has gone back through the wall, Blink across the road behind the leaning guard and choke him out, dragging him out of sight.

Return to the road, and Blink up to the top of the guardhouse for the last time. As soon as the redshirt passes, drop down and choke out the guardpost guard, then immediately go after the elite. Now that area has been pacified (or counter-pacified), take the time to loot the shopfront by the top of the steps (where you choked out that first blueshirt), and the nearby apartments.

When ready, climb back above the Wall, and Blink over to a balcony with an ivy'd scaffold to your left.

Up and over the wall here, then along the pipe. You'll hear a witches mad cackling nearby but do not investigate- remember we're leaving witches alone right now. As you round the corner you'll notice a patio with table to your right, zip over to score some coin and a valuable cigarette case.

Blink back to tthe pipes and folow them to a roof top bar. Eavesdrop, then choke out the two women, starting with the civilian.

There are a number of places you can access from this rooftop. Start by the skylight, looking for the balcony of a turquoise building.

Zip over, and use the Heart to locate the nearby shrine. The next little passage here is festooned with tripwires, but no one in Karnaca has mastered the art of hidden traps yet, so they are easily disarmed, and the launchers harvested for specialty crossbow ammo.

Ascend the fallen bit of floor planking to the upper level, and claim your Runes from the Shrine (Runes 1,2 /6). The Outsider has even less information to impart than usual, so let him do his little talk n' teleport charade until he tires himself out, then return to the balcony.

The guards below talk about two missing officers. When they're down, serve up two more missing officers y drop-stopping one and choking the other (remember- the drop attack is silent, so you only need worry about line of sight). Enter the bar building from this back door, then upstairs to enter the Private Rooms.

Incapacitate or avoid the civilian here to claim a Bonecharm (Bonecharm 1/9) from a poker game here.

Also, he keeps a bottle of bathing salts behind the bar. Whatever gets you through the night, I suppose.

Grab a bottle of something flammable here, then take the stairs back up to the roof, this time setting our sights on the bloodfly'd apartment.

Leap over, but before entering, use darkvision to scout the hives for danger level (and for which ones contain blood amber). Whichever ones you decide to take out, be sure to watch for a nest keeper in the far left of the room. Take him out with a sleep dart before he rises. His bloodflies will then swarm for you, but won't follow you past the balcony door, making them easy to dispose of with your sword. Return and take out the hive above him with the fire dart (more enthusiastic conflagrables might kill the nest keeper).

When the flames have died, then move in close to grab the Corrupt Bonecharm (Bonecharm 2/9), and a painting of this level's target (Painting 1/3).

There's also a safe here, but we'll have to come back to it. Blink down on the Conservatory side, toward the road end with the lumber truck, and three guards discussing why the fountain stinks.

When they're done chinwagging, take them out, starting with the one who goes down the stairs fountainward. Stash their bodies in the shrubbery here, but maybe not too close to all that whale oil.

The shopkeeper's associate looks to be near here, but no exterior access seems obvious. Instead enter the carved wooden doors at the base of the building.

The civilians here are harmless, and the only loot by the fire is food items, so continue up the stairs. Hop the barricade and note the dead body killed by the tripwire trap. Alerted by this subtle clue, prepare disarm tripwires as you ascend the rest of the stairs.

The desk ahead had some eclectic goodies, as well as your Bonecharm (in the sense that all bonecharms are rightfully yours, Bonecharm 3/9), and blueprints for some reverberating tubing (Blueprint 1/3). Sounds fun.

Loot the place, then make for the balcony you couldn't reach from the ground. This lead to some pipes and planks that provide easy access to building. Slip inside the window here to enter the Conservatory.

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