Part II - Upper Aventa

Part II - Upper Aventa

NOTE: Virtually every guard in this section can be pickpocketed, so allow time for theft when planning your takedowns.

Your carriage ride is halted by a barrier in Upper Aventa, so detrain and dive right in. There are three guards dead ahead of you, and you can take them out silently 1-2-3. As they're walking to their positions, go left around the guard post. When the red elite turns her back, choke her out and immediately start dragging her into the guard post.

(Tip: You don't have to be right next to her to start choking- initiating the takedown as soon as you see the context prompt can buy you some precious inches.) Drop her inside then move forward along the road, bearing right along the wall.

Loop around the wall to choke out the leaner just as the patrolling guard has passed, and you should still have time to catch guard three when he's wondering where the elite went, but hasn't found her body yet (Blink can help close the distance here). Stash all three bodies in the guard post before continuing.

Look toward the Wall, and then look at the building to the right of it. Note the open windows on the second level, which are a welcoming invitation to anyone with Blink.

Zip up and loot the dentist studio here for some specialty bolts, then equip the Heart to pinpoint the nearby bonecharm.

Cut through the stairwell and in the far entrance to Records to choke out the standing guard, and then the seated one. Collect the charm (Bonecharm 4/8) and the pouch of coin next to it.

Head upstairs and through the PRIVATE door. Pick up a map and and a new blueprint for alloy polarization (BluePrint 2/4).

It's probably not strictly necessary to choke out the sleeping commander here after looting him for coin and key, then stealing the gate code from his desk, but why take chances?

Take the stairs not-quite to the first floor lobby. Drop over the banister as soon as it's possible, and duck in the door which leads behind the counter. Choke out the guard standing in the alcove to your left and grab some coin from the counter, choke out the guy at the lobby desk, and duck into the front office to scoop up some grenades.

Use Darkvision to sweep the building for any goodies you may have missed, then walk back out into the street.

Cross the road, then turn right and unlock the side alley gate. Climb up the stairs. You should be just in time to pickpocket & choke out a guard passing through the square.

If the timing is too tight, blink up on top of that central pillar, and pick him off when he's isolated again. Hide him in the dumpster, then blink up the pillar again.

There are two open windows in range here, but start with the one buzzing with bloodflies. Firebolt the near hive, then grab the bottle by the easel to blow up the second. Take the Corrupt Charm from the easel itself. (Bonecharm 5/8).

Turn around to grab the giant size painting of Jindosh (Painting 3/6).

Before you leave, take a moment to neutralize the guard that likes to patrol beneath the far window, dangerously unsupervised.

Nip back to the dentist's chair to refill your incendiary bolts, and grab the bottle of ether while you're here. Now back to that central pillar and the other open window. Blink inside, and take out the three civvies with the ether.

Loot their bodies and grab the Rune from the desk in the backroom (Rune 5/6).

Downstairs also has plenty of goodies- coin, spring razors, and a rewire tool. Exit through the front door. The three guards still patrolling the gate are all carrying their spending money. To make it your spending money, Blink up to the fan near the gate, then Blink and drop-stop the elite guard.

Drag his body away, choke out the dreamy blueshirt that can't take his eye off the landscape, then bang on the walls with your sword to lure the last guard through the Wall for disposal. Time to move on. You could just reactivate the carriage, but there's a tiny bit more loot if you take the long way.

Walk toward the mansion, and descend the chain down the cliff's edge, to a dead body. He doesn't have any loot, but there is some ore just ahead. After that, simply Blink your way along the path to the mansion.

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