Part IV - Lower Aventa Revisited

Part IV: Lower Aventa Revisited

No new collectibles or loot has appeared since you left, but there are a gaggle of witches in the main courtyard here. For some reason, they've killed all the nearby civilians and guards, even if you carefully choked them out and hid them earlier.

Unfortunately, with Sokolov on your shoulder, you're not exactly rigged for witch hunting, and if you cut through the alley, the citizens will freak out about the 'body' you're carrying. This seems odd, as you are essentially on a mission of mercy, carrying an old man to medical attention, but frankly the citizens of the Isles have never struck me as all that bright. It seems these alley dwellers might better spend their time freaking about the murderous witches a dozen yards away, or plotting a counter-insurrection on behalf of beloved Emily Kaldwin, but I suppose we should leave such thoughts for another time. Instead, jump atop the carriage, and Blink up through the open skylight to the roof.

Setting course for Meagan, Blink from the roof to a nearby lamp on the blue building, to a mid-street stanchion, to the abandoned station where you came in. Drop Anton Sokolov into Meagan's adoring arms. If you like, the mission ends here, but completionists may wish to finish looting the mansion if they haven't already, or take out those witches. The former can be accomplished as described in the previous guide section - Part III: The Clockwork Mansion. The latter can be done by returning to street level, then Blinking up to the small, lootless patio overlooking the guardpost.

Blink over and choke out the witch merrily swinging her legs. Then drop-stop the leftmost witch, and sneak or Blink over to the last witch for a choke and a journal update.

If you've been following this guide for the whole section, then virtually all hostiles should be neutralized. You can continued to scour all three areas of this Mission for lingering bits of loot, but when ready return to Meagan for passage to the Wale, and chapter 5.

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