Tips for a High Chaos Playthrough

Tips for a High Chaos Playthrough

After the rigors of a ghostly nonlethal playthrough, High Chaos is something of a breeze. Eliminating enemies is so quick, so permanent, and as Karnaca falls further and further into decay, you're reminded what a good job you made of things your first time around. Still, there are a few tips that make such a run even breezier.

The first is to master sword defense. Your blade can block nearly anything, and investing in Reflexes enhancements will make your technique nigh invincible. Blocking at the right time during an enemy's attack grants an instakill counterattack, which is one of the best way to dispatch your humanoid foes. Once you're comfortable with the technique, you'll find very few situations you can't fight your way out of.

The second is not to get too hung up on swordplay. It's a ton of fun, but sometimes you can get so entranced by it that you forget you're also packing bolts, bullets, bombs, traps, and the supernatural power of the Void. The whole point of High Chaos is cutting loose, so don't stress too much about saving ammunition/mana for rainy day.

The last is remember where you are. Unrestrained violence is the name of he game here, but don't get so carried away that you accidentally shred a valuable quest giver into bits, or blast a needed key out a window. High Chaos players may be wanton murderers, but not artless ones.

With that in mind, here are a few Mission specific tips for your assault on Karnaca.


Mission 1 - There are at least three times more bullets than hostiles here. Swordfighting is the most fun way to reach the Wale, but the moment you cease having fun, just gun those suckers down.

Mission 2 - If going for the Songs of Serkonos achievement, remember not to startle the musicians in the far market before you start causing a ruckus.

Mission 3 - Remember to talk to Joe Sullivan before confronting Alex. Luxuriate in how much easier the dining room is to clear.

Mission 4 - You can dispatch the entire Howler ambush from the roof by plucking them up with Far Reach. Jindosh has a lot more lines now- you might even save him for last, just to hear all the things he says as you thoroughly denude his mansion.

Mission 5 - It's easier to get the Oracular Whispers achievement if you've killed all the witches first. This is also a prime spot for getting the Circle of Life achievement, particularly if you're New Game +'d up with full Possession and the appropriate charms.

Mission 6 - Remember to listen to the musicians in the Howler Compound before splashing the place with blood. You might also take a few extra saves and reloads to pop the 'Howlers 'til the End' and 'Faithful to the Abbey' achievements.

Mission 7 - No access to your other powers, but using the Timepiece to step out of nowhere, cut a guy in half, then disappear, turns Stilton Mansion into your very own haunted house thriller. Even so, you might still want to spare Stilton. It's not like this one mercy is going to suddenly make you Low Chaos, and you do get quite a few extra sparklies for it.

Mission 8 - If opposition gets too thick, take to the rooftops. Again, snagging people with Far Reach can be a great way to control crowds. Remember to loot bodies before flinging them into the ocean- particularly the Duke and his Double, who both carry irreplaceable keys.

Mission 9 - When you enter the final other-realm, find the genuine article by hugging the rockwall to your right, and climb up the face to a point above and just behind where you entered, to find something newly stabbable.

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