What Power to Get First?

What Power To Get First?

The vast array of supernatural powers at your command in Dishonored 2 can be a little daunting at the beginning, and it's hard to know whether to put your first few runes into, say, teleportation, or soul-bending, or tugging at the weave of spacetime itself. The best way to identify that crucial first power is take a look at how you want to play the game.

Your Playstyle: Stealth Enthusiast, Shadow Killer, Ghost

Recommended Power: Dark Vision

Whether you're evading, disabling, or decapitating the opposition, nothing gives you a mastery of the unseen like Dark Vision. It is technically possible to be sneaky without it, but Dark Vision makes the stealth experience far more elegant, allowing you to slip through even some of the densest opposition in the game just by knowing exactly where and when to step. And for the ninja with a time budget, it's also an easy way to spot enemies you didn't even realize were there.

Your Playstyle: Treasure Hunter, Indiscriminate Looter, Completionist

Recommended Power: Dark Vision

Dishonored's 2 richly detailed environments are a joy to play through, but can be somewhat overwhelming when you're combing through countless shelves, cabinets, and curio displays just looking for lootable items. Or loose change. Use Dark Vision to reveal the obscured or hidden treasure in any bookcase, shrub, or sewer grate, as well as nearby lootables you might have missed entirely. Can also be handy for locating treasure caches that need a secret mechanism to unlock, or for items that might be sealed inside other items (The bloodamber in hives, for example, or clanker plaques that have clipped through the floor).

Your Playstyle: Explorer of the Unknown, Master of the Hidden Ways, Finder of Secrets

Recommended Power: Dark Vision

The Empire of Isles is rife with secret rooms, hidden passages and just-barely reachable rooftops. But even harder than reaching them can be finding them. Use darkvision to search out looatable items that seem to be floating behind solid walls, or under the floor, or just slightly above the ceiling. If you can see it, then there's a way to get it. Dark Vision can also hilight otherwise hidden buttons that may provide access to new places, and of course the broken vents so favored by Corvo's rats.

Your Playstyle: Playing the Game for the Third of Fourth Time, Already Know Where Everything Is, And Are Skipping Loot and Collectibles.

Recommended Power: Not sure why you're reading this guide, actually, but Blink or Far Reach.

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