Where's All the Coin?

It can be disappointing for the hardcore collector to finish up a level of Dishonored 2 and realize that not only have they missed some coins, they've missed hundreds of them. In one sense, it's not important- there's far more coin in Kananca than you need to upgrade all your gear, and plenty more to fund even the most extravagant taste in specialty bolts and explosives. But there's a still a bit of stung pride- where is all that missing cash?

Well, if you're short by a thousand or more, you probably did miss a secret cache or hidden room, or particularly obscure rooftop. Dark Vision can help identify some of these missed opportunities, but those clever designers have made sure to place some treasures well out of Dark Vision's range. Be prepared to scour every room and leap at every ledge looking for these hideways. Or don't - remember, even for the completionist, the Well Funded achievement only requires you get 60% of available loot. That can free up a lot of time for more vengeful pursuits.

If you're just a few hundred shy, your missing coin is probably being carried by guards, some of whom you never even saw. There's an oddity in the way D2 handles pickpocketing- there's certain loot you can only snag from a living guard, it disappears when they're incapacitated. So if you really want every last cent, you're going to have do a lot of sneaking. Only not too much, because some guards don't even appear unless the alarm is sounded, and then they come rushing out of nowhere. So you have to selectively sneak, rob, alarm, evade, rob again, and then finally dispatch the guards of each level to get absolutely every coin. This is perhaps the very definition of 'more trouble than it's worth,' and downright impossible for players chasing after Ghost status.

Still, now you know where that coin is hidden. But even better, now you know enough to let at least some of it stay hid.






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