Story 01 - Awakening

STORY 01 - Awakening



The mission will begin with you looking through the eyes of an unknown soldier (operative, intelligence officer, who knows), who shortly afterwards jumps headlong out of the cargo bay of a plane. After pulling your parachute and landing on the street below, things will take a turn for the worse. And then even worse than that.


Once you wake up, you will finally be in control of you unknown person. Apparently three days have passed since you were last concious and you've been transported to somewhere known as 'the tower.'



Stagger out of bed and get accustomed to the basic movement controls. The left stick controls movement and can be used to sprint by pressing it in. The right stick controls aim and where you look. You may need to adjust the stick sensitivity (the RS default sensitivity is pretty high compared to some games) and/ or invert the Y axis as well if needed.


When you are ready, walk down the hallway and follow the linear path to meet a waiting guard who will give you your first objective. Your map will also appear at this point.


Go see "the boss" in room 190


Follow the marker on your map by winding your way around the floor of the building, talking to people if you want to hear a little more about what is going on. Ascend the stairs and enter the door with the big "headquarters" sign on the wall next to it.



X (Xbox) and Square (PS) is the use/ interact button in this game, so press it to open the door. Inside, look for the man standing on the balcony to talk to him. After the verbal beatdown, combined with radio retrieval, leave the room.


Check for the lost survivor on the 13th floor


Guess our guy really wants to prove he isn't lazy. By entering an area he knows nothing about with no weapons. Brilliant. There is NO WAY this could go wrong. Thankfully, we're still in tutorial mode so things don't immediately go tits up.


To find a way to the 13th floor, head back to the opposite side of the same floor to find an elevator with Timur the guard leaning against it. Wow, that guard will believe anything. Enter the elevator to head for floor 13.


Help the survivor


As you step out of the elevator, you'll run into another scene. Once it's over, you'll be holding your first weapon of the game with a survivor in danger nearby.



Kill the infected


RT is the button you want for head smacking here, so enter the marked room to find an infected scrabbling at the door of the bathroom. Introduce him to your blunt instrument. Inside the bathroom you'll find the survivor, who is in a pretty bad way. Looks like we need to find some way of cleaning out and staunching that wound.




Find gauze and alcohol to create a medkit


Nice, apparently a shot of rum and piece of bandage make a medkit in this world. You'll now be introduced to your flashlight (Up on the D-pad), and survivor sense (A on Xbox, X on PS). Really? Survivor sense? Let's stifle our giggles and move on. Rooms with crafting items in them will light up on your map in orange. Make sure to search all of them thoroughly for additional crafting components.


Craft a medkit


Use the view button for xbox (select for everyone who was around before button names became stupid) to bring up the blueprints menu. The medkit recipe should already be highlighted, so create it.



Use the medkit to stop Mark's bleeding


Backtrack to the bathroom with the bleeding survivor and interact with him to use the medkit. When you do, a scene will take over.


Talk to Rahim


After the scene ends, you will need to use the elevator again and talk to Rahim inside room 190 once more. After some more dialogue, both with him and your rescuer Jade, you'll be told to change clothes.



Change into runner's clothes in room 194


Room 194 is on the same floor, so wind round the hall again to find it. On a matress in the back of the room, you'll find a duffel bag which will act as your stash for the game.


Put on fresh wear


Put on the fresh clothes inside. Side note: who does the laundry during a zombie apocolypse?



Meet Rahim on the Tower roof


The blockage on the central staircase leading upwards has been cleared, so clamber up the steps for two floors and open the door to emerge onto the rooftop. A quick scene will trigger and then you'll be back in control, facing a crane and a painted arrow on some scaffolding ahead of you. This is your introduction to the parkour system of the game.



The game uses the RB for jumping (believe me, I found it odd as well. As a result I faceplanted the floors below a few times. What's wrong with the perfectly good A button?) You can tap RB to jump and press and hold RB to climb up ledges.


Meet Rahim on the other building


The arrow in front of you indicates you should press and hold RB to climb up. Repeat this to reach the top level, with the crane nearby. Jump onto the end of the crane and then climb up onto the top of it. From your precarious position, walk along the length of the crane and drop down onto the catwalk on the other side.



Talk to Rahim


Have a chat with Rahim who will be standing right in front of you.


Jump down


Well, guess Rahim's dead. Damn, he's still alive. Follow his example and drop off the crane into the abyss below.



Follow Rahim's tips


After you land, follow the arrows on the wall. You will encounter a low hole in the wall you need to press B (Xbox) or Circle (PS) to duck through. Jump over the low wall immediately afterwards. Shortly after this you will reach a stairwell with some stairs missing. Jump across to the marked ledge and resume following the arrows.



Next is a long jump between two scaffolds over open air, so time your sprint and jump carefully. The next obstacle is inside a lift shaft, look up to spot a hole in the wall surrounded by yellow paint. Jump across the hole in the floor and pull yourself up.



You'll come out on an upper floor. Look for a metal plate forming a ramp. Launch yourself off this and grab hold of the small marked beam directly ahead. Clamber on top of this beam and drop down onto the ramp on the other side (don't try and jump across the gap here as it hurts). Circle around to the other side and jump to hold onto the thin ledge by your fingertips. Use the LS to direct your movement when hanging from a ledge.


While hanging from a ledge, you can look at another ledge with RS and press RB to jump towards it. You will need to do this to reach the ledge on the right. Climb upwards and then perform another flying leap to the left to reach solid ground once more. Drop down to the floor below and walk out of the small room.


Pass the "parkour test"


As you leave the room, turn right to see an arrow pointing up and to the left. Below it is a pallet and some bricks you can climb onto and above that is a ledge you can dangle from. Pull yourself along the ledge and when you reach the far end, swivel the camera around to see a pile of sandbags directly behind you that you can jump across to.



Walk across the lone plank of wood here and then make the long jump (sprint + RB) to reach the hole in the wall opposite.


Talk to Rahim


Once you make it back to the first area of this building, jump up from the ramp at the base of the crane onto the crane itself. Keep climbing up (using a ladder at one point) and cross back towards the other building like you did earlier. After your little "moment," continue crossing.



Ask Rahim about the seizure


When you arrive on the other side, drop down off the highest roof level onto the lower one to find Rahim. After Rahim fills you in on what happened, you can head back inside.


Use elevator to get to the ground floor


Tromp back down the stairs and circle round to the elevator on the 19th floor.


Talk to Quartermaster


The Quartermaster is in a room to your left when you walk out of the elevator. Have a chat with him for some additional weaponry and supplies. Keep in mind that he will provide some additional supplies to you each new day if you take the time to pick them up.



Get a shot of antizin from Dr. Zere


After you've stocked up, head for the front door of the Tower (you'll need to drop down into the blue UV light area and then follow the marker to the door). Follow the exit signs if you are having problems finding where to go. At the door, try to leave and the guard will open it up for you.


Take your first steps out into the blinding glare of the outside world (anyone else thinking of Fallout 3 here?). The doctor is located in a trailer across a nearby street. Unfortunately the street is covered with infected.


Before anyone goes off on an infected attacking spree, bear these things in mind. Your starting weapons break pretty fast and require crafting materials to repair each time they break. The infected can also take upwards of five or six hits from your starting weapons to bring down, so even a group of just three can overwhelm you initially. If you really must engage them at this point (you can just run by them instead if you want), try and get them alone or in pairs if possible.



Try out your new movement mechanics, now that you have the room to use them. The safest way to reach the doctor is to jump from a rooftop, onto the tops of the cars on the street and then onto another building and into his enclosure. This should minimize the risk of zombie bites. Once you are inside, knock on the door of the trailer to meet the doctor. Seems a little scatterbrained to me.



After you get your jab and are pushed out of the trailer, your first story mission is over.


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