Story 02 - First Assignment

STORY 02 - First Assignment



Get a job from Spike


Immediately after the end of the last story mission, you will be in the enclosure next to the doctor's trailer. Inside the hut next door is Spike. Spike will fill you in a bit more on how things work around here and the problems they have with their more aggressive neighbors.



Take some firecrackers


After that rousing pep talk (or not), pick up the firecrackers off the desk next to him.


Prepare a trap for Brecken's mission


Now that we know what's going on, it's time to arm the traps for Brecken's night run. Climb the fence and bounce your way across the street again towards the first trap marker. Keep to the rooftops where possible as you cross the open world.


When you arrive at the trap location, you'll find a blue car sitting in the middle of an open square of concrete. Flip the bonnet and connect the battery with X (or Square) to prime the trap.



Help trapped survivor


After your mechanical engineering masterclass, you'll be contacted by Jade. Apparently someone nearby is dancing with the dead. And not in a good way (is there a good way to dance with the dead?). So make tracks towards the new marker before they become zombie chow.


When you near the marker, a new symbol will appear on the map. The red house icon denotes an unsecured safe-house. If you clear the undead out and restore the power (not always needed), you'll have another safe haven for when darkness falls. Oh yeah, and you'll save the person getting mobbed by infected too.



Two infected will be battering at the door to the safe-house, so approach them from behind and let loose with your weapon. It will probably take a few strikes for each of them but you should be able to bring both down pretty easily with the starting gear. Prep yourself and open the door when you are ready.


Kill the infected runner


Looks like the guy was without antizin for too long and has turned into a viral. Back up to the open area behind you so you can move as this guy will sprint towards you, making him a little trickier to take down. Once he's down, you should be able to loot a decent weapon from his body.



Grab any blueprints and other items from inside the safe-house and then turn your attention to securing the place.


Turn the power on to unlock the safe zone


On the wall inside the hut is a fuse box you can interact with to restore the power and make the place safe (I've got the powah).


Get onto the building's roof and contact the GRE


Seconds later, your radio will make a noise, meaning the GRE (shadowy organization that has unclear motives and is bankrolling your trip to the city) are trying to contact you. To talk to them, you'll need to climb to a high point nearby. When you do, a quick chat will commence.



Arm more car traps


And we're back on the hunt for car traps. Clamber up and out of the safe zone and clatter across the rooftops towards the new markers. As you get close, you'll spot the marked cars, surrounded by the non-living (of course). Thankfully, Spike has you covered.


Remember those firecrackers we picked up at the start of the mission? Equip them by pressing left on the D-pad and use LT to throw them down to distract the zombies. With some decent placement, you should move the morbid mob away from the vehicles leaving you free to prep the traps.



If you are really having problems, throw the crackers and immediately try and tinker with the car. As long as the firecrackers are detonating the undead will ignore you. They should last just long enough for you to complete a car and skedaddle.


Prepare light traps for the night mission


Now it's time to prep a different set of traps. These can be found at the top of light posts. You'll have to cover a decent distance to reach the first one, so make sure to avoid the undead and use high paths to keep your health intact.


The first post will be next to a two story raised brick house. To reach the top of the post, look at the nearby buildings to spot a timber walkway wrapping around one side of it. Balance your way across and trigger the trap (gotta love how he knows exactly how to activate these high voltage devices straight off the bat).



Arm more devices


As you may have guessed, there are still more lamps to get ready to go. Most of them have walkways you can use to reach them easier, so make sure to examine them first before driving yourself nuts trying to jump up the post from the ground.


One that may present some difficulty is standing in the middle of the train tracks. To climb it, you'll need to mount the metal structure running across the tracks. Then jump onto the pole next to the light trap. From here you'll need to climb to the highest point of the pole and then launch yourself at the small plank of wood on the trap pole. If you do it correctly, you should grab on and pull yourself up.



Repair the next device


Wend your way to the last marked trap and flick those switches to have the area blackout. Looks like you gotta restart the juice.


Find the power distribution panel and fix the light problem


Sprint for the marked substation and climb over the wire fence surrounding it. The area will turn yellow on the map, signifying your objective is somewhere within. A fuse box with a glowing light behind it on the edge of the area is what you need to trigger.



Unfortunately, as you try to trip it, you will encounter your first goon enemy. These hulking brutes carry a large two handed weapon (usually a sledgehammer or concrete and rebar wire), deal large damage and take many melee hits to bring down. Especially with your starting arsenal.


You will want to immediately go for the rooftops to escape the damaging blows. The easiest strategy here is to lure the goon away from the opening it created by smashing down the roller door and then tear inside it and crouch under the small hole in the wall here, avoiding the fight entirely. Braver players may want to try hit and run tactics, but keep in mind that this enemy can do more damage than the starting health regen (25).


So, once you are down to your minimum health he can finish you off with a single swing. If you have leveled up your power and survivor skill trees a bit, you may have higher minimum health and be able to engage him safely. Be warned, his strikes can still hit you if you try and swing at him from the rooftop.



Either way, you should end up inside the substation. Activate your flashlight (D-pad up) and look for another glowing fuse box here. Flip this one to restore the power. The lit room in the substation holds a fair bit of loot, so make sure to grab it before leaving.


Find shelter in a safe house before it gets dark


Now it's just a matter of heading back to the nearest safe house. Ah, except you can barely see anything. Damn. You can continue to use your flashlight, but it probably won't help much. Either turn up the gamma in the game settings or just run towards the objective through the near darkness. Vault over the wire fence when you get there for a brief scene and then bed down (seriously? After seeing that staring over the wall at him?).



Talk to Spike




Walk out of the protective hut and work your way back to Spike near the base of the Tower. Huh, guess he asked for the good news first. Once you're done, leave Spikes structure.



Report meeting with the Tower's leader to the GRE


Climb up the nearby scaffolding onto the rooftop nearby to call the GRE.


Team up with Brecken in the Tower


Jink and dodge your way back to the Tower and take the elevator back up to the headquarters room (make sure to grab the Quartermaster's supplies as well). As you walk through the door, a scene will trigger. After it's over, you'll have a quick conversation with Lena the doctor/ nurse? Once this ends, so does the mission.



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