Story 03 - Airdrop

STORY 03 - Airdrop



Contact the GRE


From where we left the last story mission outside the headquarters room at the tower, descend in the elevator and walk outside once more. Use your parkour skills to reach the nearby marked rooftop and get in contact with your organization.



Look for the airdrop in the Cauldron area


After your little dialogue, it is time to go after one of these air drops that the Tower residents sorely need. First things first though, you need to reach the Cauldron area first. Sprint and jump your way across the map to the new marker.


When you approach the area, a yellow circle will once again appear on the map. There is also an inactive safe-house here if you want to try and take it over before continuing on with the airdrop objective. The airdrop crate is on the rooftop of a blue house (you should be able to see the parachute hanging from it). Look at the screenshot if you need a map location. Crack it open.



Retrieve antizin from the first airdrop


After watching the plane drop off another two crates, drop off the rooftop and resume your cross country trek. Keep following that marker and eventually you'll arrive at the first crate. Get close enough to trigger the objective update and then immediately back away to minimize the damage you might take.



Take over the second airdrop


Looks like we'll have to try our luck elsewhere. Take to your heels and go after the second crate instead. As you get near the drop point and the yellow circle appears again, Jade will warn you of the oncoming darkness. Wait. Didn't I leave at dawn? Wow time goes fast when you're running for your life. The drop location will be surrounded by zombies munching on something.



Clear the airdrop area


You'll have to take down around four zombies here, so make sure you are prepared before you go in. Don't forget your kick (LB) if you run out of combat stamina. Once all the infected are taken care of, a scene will take over once again.



Avoid volatiles and return to the Tower


Ah great, night has fallen and now the real enemies are loose. Volatiles are extremely fast, dangerous and persistent enemies that look like the mutated vampires from the movie Blade II. Your weaponry against them is the high beam UV torch Spike gave you.


You can also trigger Light traps to break pursuits and escape into the night. The best strategy though is to keep moving and avoid their detection cones as much as you can. Remember, avoid them at all costs!



Report to Brecken on the 19th floor


When you reach the Tower, take the elevator up to the 19th floor.


Report to Brecken


Walk through the headquarters door to walk into a heated debate and afterwards the mission ends.



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