Story 04 - Pact with Rais

STORY 04 - Pact with Rais



Buy antizin from Rais


From the headquarters room where the last story mission ended, descend the Tower in the elevator.


Introduce yourself to Rais


When you hit the ground floor, the objective will become an "introduction" instead. Drop down and leave the Tower to begin the long trek to Rais's base. Cross the undead strewn terrain while following the quest icon on your map until you finally arrive at the gates.


Stand on one of the nearby vans after triggering the dialogue with one of the gate guards. Once he is finished talking, jump over the fence and walk into the fortified structure to meet the fear-monger himself.



Get your tasks from Karim


After that lovely little display, you can pick up the knife from the scene off the table if you need an extra weapon. Wow, this guy has a hell of a lot of airdrop crates stashed here. Walk over to the nearby door and head inside the fortress proper. Karim will be on a laptop just a little way down the corridor. Talk to him to find out what Rais wants you to do.


Contact the GRE


Time to update the GRE on your progress with Rais. Leave the fortress and climb up to the overlook to get in radio contact.



Find a telecommunications antenna


Annnnd all of a sudden Dying Light is channeling the Far Cry series. The goal is to head for a nearby antenna and scramble up it to boost radio signals in the area. However, there are a few things to do to make that happen.


Turn on the antenna's main power


When you arrive, take a few seconds to scope out the situation. Most likely a goon and several biters (regular zombies) will be roaming the area at the base of the tower. Engaging a goon in melee combat with other enemies around is pretty much a guaranteed death sentence. There are several red barrels nearby if you have any projectile weapons or you can lure the group away from the small shack and quickly open the roller door.



When you attempt to open it, your first (scripted) toad enemy will appear. Think of it as a spitter from the Left 4 Dead games. These special infected can lob balls of acid towards you, dealing significant acid burn damage.


They are also pretty damn accurate, so putting cover between yourself and the toad is essential. The good news is that toads are quite fragile. If you are close enough, you can rush them with a melee weapon and they should go down in only a few swings.


Once you regain control after the toad's appearance, quickly circle around and climb up to rush the toad. This should take care of him fast, minimizing the damage his acid attacks can do. The goon and biters have probably returned by now, so you'll need to distract them again if you didn't kill them earlier.


Open the roller door and you'll find more biters inside. Depending on the situation, you can lure them away as well or just rush in and kill them. The fuse box is open on the wall inside. Once you've flipped the switch to turn on the main power, it's time to scale the antenna.



Search the antenna for a transmitter box


The best way to begin the climb is from the roof of the blue van at the base. Jump from it up onto the yellow and black coloured bars and wire mesh. Keep scrabbling up the metal structure by following the yellow and black marked pieces of metal. Ascend until you are at the same level as the marker to find the transmitter box.



Turn on the transmitter


Open up the case to find. Ah, well I think I know what the problem is.


Check the second antenna


Yep, time to do all that over again. Take the zipline on this level to the North-East. Rope burn much? Once you hit the grass, travel towards the second metal structure.


Thankfully the second antenna is maintained by some survivors, so the place isn't swarming with zombies this time. To get onto the metal tower, you'll need to launch yourself off the rocks at the top of the small cliff overlooking the fence, and grab onto the metal sheeting of the antenna itself.



Turn on the transmitter


Once you are on the metal tower, you'll need to repeat the climb you did before. This antenna is a bit trickier to navigate, so make sure to look carefully for climb and grab spots as you move upwards. When you reach the transmitter box, open it up. Glory be, it's still intact. Flip that switch to finally complete this obnoxious objective.


Get payment from Rais


Now it's time to return to Rais's compound for your pay. Make the trip back to see our beloved psychopath.



Talk to Rais


Talk to the positively charming fellow (hands of minions sold separately).


Contact the GRE


What a surprise. Looks like there's more work to be done. Back to the contact spot you visited earlier to make your radio call.


Make the pickup at Jaffar's Wheelstation


Now we're onto extortion. Brilliant. Cross the zombie infested lands towards another survivor camp. Jump off the small ramp next to the fence to get inside the enclosure.



"Persuade" Jaffar


Inside one of the workshop areas talk to Jaffar about Rais's payment. Well, that went smoothly.


Meet the courier at the tunnel entrance


On the way to the courier pickup, you'll be contacted by Brecken. Seems like things are getting worse back at the Tower. Put the pedal to the metal and race for the tunnel entrance. When you arrive at the dark area, the marker will lead you to a metal door in the side of the tunnel. Open it up and follow the hallway round to a red door.


Say hello to the first bomber of the game. These suicidal infected act as walking explosions, so make sure to keep your distance if you see one. The best strategy usually is to pick them off with throwing weapons or guns to ensure they don't detonate on you. Bombers do massive damage if they explode next to you. They have a nasty habit of appearing in your path as you are sprinting around and blowing up in you face, killing you instantly.



Make the second pickup at the Fisherman's Village


After the scene ends, leave the small side room area of the tunnel and exit out of the far side. The village you need to find will be a short distance away down the hill.


Close the gate and clear the village of infected


You'll arrive at the village to find it swarming with the undead. To clear out the village, you'll need to eliminate all the infected in the village area as well as close the gate at the entrance to prevent more getting inside. Start with the gate. Use camouflage or distraction items such as firecrackers to move the undead away from the gate while you jump down and slam it shut.


Retreat to the rooftops to catch your breath and then try and pick off the lone zombies one by one, fleeing to the roof when to many get close. Keep whittling them down and eventually you'll make the village safe once more.



Search the huts for the leader


The door you are looking for is on the second floor of the store, bash on it to reveal the leader of the encampment, Gursel. Have a friendly little chat with him and his wife? Daughter? Random stranger? I don't know. After this, you'll receive the second payment for Rais.


Make the third pickup at the Ferry Harbor


Thankfully the third destination is pretty close to Fisherman's Village. Leap the fence and make your way towards the marker once again.


Talk to Morgan


When you get close to the Ferry Harbor, you will be instructed to talk to Morgan, the camp's leader. Walk in and talk to him for the third payment.



Return the payments to the Garrison


Yay, we finally have all the money for Rais (is it just me or did this seem a particularly long story mission?), Time to head back to hand it in to Rais. Follow the marker cross country once more back to Rais's base. Oh, and things are getting really bad at the Tower by the way.


Find the missing patrol


What? You've gotta be kidding me. Sigh. The patrol disappeared at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Be very cautious when approaching the patrol guard's bodies as a survivor on the gas station rooftop will open fire with a rifle when you get too close, dealing painful chunks of damage.


The best way to deal with him is to circle around to the top of the cliff behind the gas station and to make a flying leap to the red corrugated iron rooftop on top of the gas station. Immediately drop down onto the concrete roof below and start whacking the hell out of the gunman.



Look for an envelope with blueprints in it


Once he is dead, you can climb down into the gas station and claim it as a safe house before returning to search the bodies outside. Now that there is no crazed gunman, the task should be a lot easier. Roll them over and eventually you'll find the one hiding the envelope you need.


Get the payment from Rais


Hightail it back to the Garrison again to finally complete the demands of Rais. Job done.



Find a private spot to contact the GRE


Climb up to your regular train car reception spot to talk to your overseers again. Apparently you aren't very happy with them.


Supply survivors in the Tower with antizin


Time to get that precious antizin back to the Tower. Hot foot it back there and ascend to the upper floors for a scene and then another when you enter the headquarters room. Finally the mission ends.



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