Story 05 - Siblings

STORY 05 - Siblings



Note: This level contains high numbers of Rais's thugs. If possible, bring along guns to make the fights much easier. You can also attempt the first area of this mission at night to deal double melee damage to Rais's thugs (and gain x2 experience as well) as the volatiles will not appear inside. Make sure to bring as many medkits as you can if you plan to use melee attacks during the first part of the mission.


Meet with Jade in the boxcar


After handing in the antizin from the last disappointing story mission, you'll need to meet up with Jade. Descend the tower and make your way across the map to find her inside a marked train car. Slide open the door for quite a long scene.



Find an entrance into the school


Now that you've seen what the thugs are doing, the next objective is to get inside the school to see what's really going on. Jump the concrete fence and start trying the doors on the main school building. After trying one or two, Jade will tell you to use the door on the roof instead. Be careful when you open the door though, as you may run into a bomber just inside. After that, use the trapdoor to enter the school itself.



Look for antizin


Drop down inside the school building and loot your way through the first few classrooms. You'll need to shove a wooden cupboard out of the way before you can reach the marker. Descend the stairs and keep winding through the rooms. As you get close to the marker here (pushing aside a metal cabinet behind a classroom door), be ready to begin dealing with Rais's men as the next door you open will have one behind it.


The thug in this room is alone, so you can engage him in melee without worrying about being flanked like usual. If you have guns though, it makes the fight much safer bringing down the guard with a single headshot. Stealth isn't really an option for this particular enemy as opening the door triggers him. As soon as he can see you, the alarm for the school is tripped, putting the rest or Rais's men on the alert. Make sure to pick up the weapons dropped by the guards as they are likely to be better than the ones you have at the moment.



Turn off the alarm


After you bring the first guard down, a pair of additional troops will arrive as backup. The alarm is on the wall in the same room as them (although they may move into the room where the first guard was to attack you). Look for a red safety switch on the wall with the word "alarm" on it (it's located next to a door in the marked room.


Make sure to hit this switch as soon as feasibly possible (don't rush through the guards and take massive damage for instance). Remember to use kicks and grapple attacks to keep the guards disorientated while if you are engaging them in melee.


After the alarm is turned off and the guards are dead, you can freely loot the room here. The next trigger will be when you are walking down the hallway towards your next marked location (around 35m away), when suddenly the rooms ahead fill with flames.



Take a left into the classroom to avoid the flames. A guard will be taking out his feelings on a door, so either pick him off with a headshot or attack him from behind before he can react. You should be able to get a few good swings in before he can engage you properly. After the beatdown, open the door and ascend the stairs beyond.


As you travel down the next hallway, zombies will burst out of the classroom on the right. Take your time and deal with them efficiently to avoid taking damage. The marked room just ahead is full of Rais's men, so this is where the real battle begins.


Three will be waiting for you in the first area of the marked room, so gun them down or retreat back into the hallway to string them out. If you can separate them a bit, you'll make the fight much easier. Remember to keep moving to avoid thrown weapons as well. Once they are all down, your objective will update.



Search the place for antizin


Check the items in the room. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any antizin here. You'll need to check the basement next.


Find keys to the basement


The keys are in a wooden cupboard at the North wall of the marked room.


Meet Jade in storage C


Next up is the storage area. Walk through the hall again until you reach a set of double doors with a wooden cabinet partially blocking them. To get through, you need to move the cabinet and aim a melee strike at the wooden planks holding the door handles closed.


As soon as you walk through the doorway, more zombies will burst out of a classroom on the left. Make sure to take down the undead as you go to avoid being swarmed when more appear as you move along the floor. You may run into a viral (sprinting zombie) along the way as well. Keep moving along until you reach the stairs down to storage.



Be very careful descending the stairs, as a bomber will emerge from a door in front of you as you reach the bottom. Back up immediately to avoid losing massive amounts of health and use a ranged weapon (thrown or a gun) to detonate it if it continues to follow you.


Now that the bomber is gone, check the double doors to open them with the basement keys and walk down the stairs to the waterlogged storage C. Pay attention to the map when you get to the bottom of the stairs, as a viral ambush may occur (two of them). The first room holds a valve that you can turn to clear up the water on the floor.


Another bomber and a floor biter will be lying in wait just a little way down the hall, so move forward carefully. After they are taken care of, enter the marked door to regroup with Jade.



Eliminate Rais's thugs


Three thugs will converge on you after the scene with Jade. By now you should have more than enough practice at dealing with them, so clear them out. Remember to grab their weapons once you are done.


Leave the school


The marked door at the back of the room will lead you outside into the open air once more. When you leave, you'll encounter the strange green infected for the second time.



Meet with Jade back at the Tower


It will be night as you regain control, so it is up to you if you want to head for the nearest safe-house and sleep the night away or try and make it back to the Tower instead. When you enter the Tower, the objective will change.


Talk to Rahim about the hive


Rahim will be waiting on the rooftop of the Tower to talk to you. Make your way up there to have a chat.



Talk to Zere about the strange infected at the school


Zere is actually inside the Tower this time, so descend a few floors and find out some more about the strange green infected known as "bolters."


Talk to the Quartermaster about the bolters


Back down to the ground floor you go to find out about where the bolters hang out at night.



Sneak close to a bolter during the night and get a tissue sample


Hope you like night excursions as it's time to wrangle ourselves a bolter. If you examine your map, you'll spot a bolter feeding ground pretty close to the tower. Mark it with a custom waypoint and begin your approach. You will need to bring down the bolter quickly and quietly when you arrive to avoid being swarmed, so make sure to have a good melee weapon equipped when you get close. Avoid pursuits at all costs, as it will be impossible to catch the bolter if it is startled and begins to run.



Let Zere examine the sample


Travel back to the tower (change it to daytime to make the following mission section far easier) and hand over the sample. You'll get quite a lengthy scene here.


Look for Rahim on the overpass


If you didn't see this coming, you've never watched a zombie movie before. Rahim has decided to enact his plan and surprise surprise, tits have become upwardly inclined. Now it's up to you to bail him out. Cross the city again and climb up to the overpass to find bodies to check.


Check the last point of contact with Rahim

Check the bodies


Examine the bodies scattered around to find a distinct lack of Rahim.


Check the trainyard buildings for Rahim


Use the rooftops to get to the marked warehouse safely and drop down to quickly enter the marked doorway.



Look for Rahim

Kill enemies near the railroad track


First things first, you'll need to clear the immediate area of zombies before searching for Rahim. In one of the train cars you'll be able to open the door. As you attempt to open it, a toad will jump onto the roof of the train car and you'll automatically take cover. Once you regain control, rush the toad as quick as possible and bring it down to minimize the damage from it's acidic spit. Once it is dead, open the car door to find Rahim inside.



Place the bombs in the volatile's nest (time - 3:30)


Anyone else got a bad feeling about this? You need to burn rubber for the volatile nest. The game will waste 15 seconds before showing you the marker for the sewer entrance that leads to the nest (it's lit by red light next to Rahim's train car). When it appears, sprint for it and fall down into the murky water below. Keep in mind that this section is more about speed as opposed to killing all the enemies. The only enemies you should definitely kill are virals as they will constantly attack you in the back otherwise.



Flounder out of the water and climb the ladder ahead. You'll emerge near a tube lit by blue UV light, this is the entrance to the nest. Run through it and keep going straight ahead into the building. Jump up the ramp to reach the second level. A lone viral will likely attack you here, so quickly take it out and travel through the lit room to find a hole in the ceiling of the room past that.


Clamber up and proceed through the only open door, sprinting past the goon if you can. It may be worth throwing down some firecrackers or another distracting item here as you will need to place the bomb on one of the pillars in the room with the goon (you can see the outline of the bomb on the pillar you need). Place it and run to the room to the South to find a staircase leading up.



A bomber will be partway up the stairs so make sure you are ready for him. If it does kill you, he won't appear again when you attempt this. Sprint down the hallway at the top of the stairs and run across the concrete beams into the door on the wall to your left. A viral and several biters (zombies) will be in this room. Use your firecrackers if you have some to distract the enemies or just run for the pillar with the bomb outline and plant it.


Continue past the pillar and past the goon at the back of the large room and fall down the hole in the next room ahead. Keep moving along and you'll find a large section of the wall is missing. Jump out of this to the ground below and look in the direction of the marker to spot the pipe you entered through when you arrived at the nest. Exit through it and sprint for the sewer to make it out of the bomb's range. Phew, that was close.



Help Rahim get back to the Tower


Wow, Crane can talk underwater (if you drop down into the sewer while still using the radio). Swim back along the sewer pipe and clamber back out to give Rahim the good news.


Talk to Brecken about Rahim's death


Well, looks like it's back to the Tower to let people know. Travel back to the Tower and talk to Brecken about what happened to end the mission.



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