Story 06 - The Pit

STORY 06 - The Pit



Note: Late in this mission, all your inventory will be removed during a large zombie fight sequence. If you want to make this section far easier, take the time to obtain the stomp ability (lv 9) from the power tree as it will allow you to kill zombies with relative ease without needing weapons. Camouflage (lv 9) from the survivor tree can also be of spectacular use here.


Defend Dr Zere and his lab (time - 0:40)


Boom! This story mission carries on immediately after completing the previous one. So, hope you're ready. Sprint from the base of the tower and cover the short distance to Dr Zere's enclosure. You'll have 40 seconds to make it there.


At Zere's trailer, you'll spot five of Rais's thugs on the map nearby. Pull out a gun or weapon and use the usual tactics (headshot with gun, dividing them and taking them out one by one in melee) to get rid of them. Be very careful with the last one though as he will be using a rifle (which you can steal after killing him if you like).



Find Dr Zere


Look for the good doctor inside his flaming wreck of a trailer by talking to the dying Maallk in front of the door.


Rescue Zere


Ah, a nice easy objective... If you're Superman. Start making your way across the infested city to the marker on the map (Rais's garrison). When you get close, you'll find it is in a state of lock-down. 



Check the back of the garrison for another entrance


As you may have guessed, the only usable entrance is on the roof. To climb up, jump on either of the vans at the rear of the compound onto the yellow and black rails leading upwards.


Climb to the roof


Clamber your way upwards using the rails, balconies and scaffolds to make the climb. During the process, you'll circle around to the front of the building to continue the ascent.



Find the entrance into the building


As you climb the last ladder to the roof of the building, be careful as the roof is swarming with Rais's thugs on patrol. There are around four or five enemies here, so you can decide if you want to engage them or stealth your way past. If you intend to use stealth, take your time. The way inside can be found in the small South room, so head for it after you decide on your method.



Look for Dr Zere


When you successfully enter the building, look around when you regain control to find several throwing items around that you can nab. Work your way along the length of the floor until you arrive at the marked elevator doors. Bash the down arrow on the control panel next to them to gain access.



Or not... Wrench the doors open to get inside the shaft. Latch onto one of the ledges on the side and then grab the cable when you see the prompt to slide to the bottom. Another set of elevator doors to part, and you'll be on a new floor.


This section can be done completely with stealth (see the video for a visual version of how it can be done), or you can blast/ bludgeon your way through it. There are four thugs to get past on the starting floor. You will need to attack the lone guard on the floor below with his back to you, as attempting to walk past will trigger him. After that, you can safely stroll to the map marker.



Check the next room down the hallway on the right for a pistol and two rifles as well as plenty of ammo if you want some extra firepower. Amble along to the end of the hallway and descend the stairs. At the doorway below, make sure you have a gun equipped and out as there are three of Rais's men with guns just inside. Sneak into cover before opening fire (and don't crouch near any red canisters as things could end badly).


Be methodical here and use the zoom (push in RS) to get a better shot as you progress around the room. Clear out the appearing thugs as you move forward. As you close on the marked door, another gun wielding thug will burst through and begin firing, so be ready for it. Once he is no more, pass through the door he burst out of and kick open the door to the left. Annnnd... what a surprise. Never saw that coming.



Survive the arena


When you gain control, you'll be standing in the level's namesake. The Pit. If you have the stomp ability or camouflage, most of this arena battle will be much easier. With stomp, you can single out zombies and kick them down before stomping on their heads, meaning you don't need to use the horrible arena weapons. Camouflage players can kill a single zombie, use camouflage and then beatdown more, applying more camouflage when needed.



Everyone else however will need to do things the hard way. First things first, get some weapons. Use your survivor sense (A button for Xbox, X for PS) to scan the area for nearby weapons. You'll want to grab at least three one handed weapons from around the area. Depending on your play-style and skill level, you may want to grab the two handed concrete + rebar sledgehammer you normally see goons using. Keep in mind that against virals, this weapon is far too slow.


You'll also see firecrackers scattered on top of the shipping containers here. Use the shipping containers to catch your breath from the horde below or when you engage virals. There are four shipping containers spread around the pit containing large numbers of biters. Try and break up the groups as best you can and lure single biters away to do horrible things to their craniums. Remember, you have no medkits, so be very careful and methodical in taking them on.


As the biter numbers thin, virals will begin to enter the fray. Get up high and engage them on top of the shipping containers to avoid taking damage from the biters while distracted. Thankfully if you die, the enemy numbers will remain what they were upon your death.



Pick up the machete


After the pit is clear, grab the machete off the ground. You're gonna need it.


Kill the demolisher


Rais will make a speech and lift in another shipping container (awww.... and he's painted a white bow on it, how lovely). Say hello to the first scripted demolisher enemy. Imagine a cross between the tank and charger enemy from Left 4 Dead and you've got the idea of what this enemy can do.


The demolisher will charge across the map at you, bowling down anything in it's path (dodge or put something between you to avoid this). It will also throw clumps of the ground at you if you are over a certain distance away. Oh, and it will also just melee attack for massive damage.



Yeah, this guy isn't a picnic to beat. The idea is to lure him into charging at something (preferably the spiked barrels) so that he stuns himself. Giving you several precious seconds to attack him with the machete. At certain damage levels (around each quarter of his health), you will be attacked by multiple virals.


As there are no biters, you don't need to climb the containers. It's a better idea to put a container between yourself and the demolisher while you fight the virals so he can't bean you with a clump of ground.


Keep repeating the same tactics and  you will eventually bring the giant down. His health stays on the last 25% you brought it down to upon your death, so anyone should eventually be able to claim victory.



Take the medkit


Grab the meager offering from Rais and watch the scene play out.



Escape from Rais's garrison


With a hail of bullets flying at you, there's no reason to stick around. You'll have to complete the long parkour sequence at a sprint (as your health will be chipped away from gunfire if you slow down). At the end of the chase, you'll drop down an elevator shaft into some water and safety. Follow the markers and clamber your way through to get to the outside air once more.


Report to Brecken


Start staggering back to the Tower. On your way there a scene will take over and the mission will conclude.



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