Story 07 - The Saviors

STORY 07 - The Saviors



Note: Partway through this mission, you will enter the city area of the game. Therefore it is a good idea to complete any sidequests or activities you want to do before beginning this mission.


Locate the people who can take you to Sector 0


Follow the marker across town and drop down to the door in the metal fence area on the ground floor to meet the saviors.



Find the tunnel leading out of the Slums


More parkour stunts across the city later and you should arrive at a door in the side of a dark tunnel. Open it up. The story audio: "After I mentioned what I did to Rais, the survivors decided to give me a hand." Groan.


Meet the Saviors in the tunnel


Inside the side tunnel area, the first door you come to will have a savior behind it. Pound on that door to meet him and a quick scene. 


Follow your guide


Once the scene ends, shadow your guide as he walks through the grime encrusted tunnel network. A little while later, you'll meet up with another group of travelers waiting to traverse to path to the Sector 0 (Old Town) area.



Talk to Hazan


Have a quick chat to your guide to get a situation update. Looks like you're up to bat first (well, at least that makes sense. Send the experienced runner to clear the way).


Follow the marked path to Sector 0


After the guard announces the plan to the rest of the group and opens the grate, drop down into the "clean and filtered, I'm sure" sewer trench below. Swim along the trench to the East. Don't worry about the biters floating in the water. Water acts as an instant kill to them in this game, so none of them will latch onto you. Surface in the room at the end when you can.


Climb out of the water onto one of the concrete platforms. To get out of this room, latch onto one of the grey pipes next to you and circle around the corner to jump to the yellow one on the wall. From here, work your way up to the catwalks above and jump across the large gap to the other catwalk to reach a new tube to traipse along.



What looks like a four way split only has one real path to travel to the East, so take that one. You'll emerge into a long trench crawling with biters. Depending on your skill level, medkits and play-style, you can engage them directly, use camouflage or the broken catwalks above on the walls to move down the trench. As you get close to the end, you may be attacked by a couple of virals so keep an eye on the map.


Your path (if you don't immediately use the catwalks) will be blocked by flaming wreckage. So climb up to the metal catwalks to bypass this and reach the end of the trench. A goon and several biters will be blocking the trench exit, if you have a gun, you can pick off the goon safely from above and then deal with the biters in the normal way.



Camouflage is a bit iffy here as the goon will sometimes swing in your direction for no reason. To leave the trench, you need to turn the metal wheel next to the door and then open it. Risky, with the camouflage approach as you could be hit any time with a sledgehammer blow.


More biters await you in the pipe beyond. Players who have the grapple skill can throw them into the pool of water for (if you position it right) instant kills. Keep clearing the path and kill any virals that appear. The room through the small pipe you just cleared holds a decent amount of loot for you to grab.


When you are done, return to the small room you were just in (where you came out of the pipe from the trench) and at the walls to find a yellow pipe and an overhead catwalk you can jump to. Up here you'll find a new path to a glowing green room with a toad inside. Drop down and put him out of your misery quickly.


A series of yellow pipes rise up the walls here to yet another catwalk on the far wall. You'll need to be very precise and calculating in your movements to avoid dropping and losing health. When you reach the catwalk, enter the new room and follow it to the end to enter another pipe.



Listen to the radio as you open the metal grille after the slip and slide experience to hear about how the survivors sold you out to Rais. Never saw that coming with the whole "this man has to go first," thing they did.



Survive the ambush


Pull out a gun before dropping down the vertical hole behind the grille. You won't be able to use it immediately (due to water), but it will be handy to have it out already when you climb out of the water. Drop down the pipe and when you land in the water STAY UNDER IT. Rais's men are circling the area you fell and firing into the water.



As long as you are under the surface, you won't actually take damage. Swim to the South to find a submerged pipe you can swim down to escape the gunfire. At the end of the pipe, you can safely surface and climb up the ladder to get out of the water. Now you'll have a chance to bring the pain to the thugs who were shooting you.


Take your time and line up those headshots to minimize damage taken. Once you are finished blasting them away, explore the side areas for loot and then head through the door marked with an arrow to continue onwards.



Find your way to Sector 0


A couple of ladders at the end of the linear path will lead up to the basement of an old building. Loot the initial area and carefully make your way up the stairs to arrive in a stone courtyard crawling with Rais's men.



Resume the headshot jamboree here on the enemies and after they are all dead, clamber up to the second level of the courtyard (use the TV screen to climb up if need be, just make sure it isn't on before you climb or it may shock you).


Enter the door to the South to find a set of stairs leading upwards for you to take. Continue up the next set of stairs to continue your pursuit of the elusive marker. At the top, open the door with the glass panel to finally arrive in Sector 0, more commonly known as Old Town.



STORY 7-2 - Find The Embers


Note: I don't count this as a real complete story mission as it simply consists of traveling to the Loft and talking to Troy, so I've included it here instead.


Ask Troy to help you find Jade


After the scene, you'll be directed to the Loft. You can see the towers off a far distance to the East. As you work your way across the city towards them, get used to what the new area is like. You'll be spending the rest of the (story) time here.



When you arrive at the Loft, you'll need to work your way up the series of scaffolds and catwalks until you arrive at the top. Walk inside to meet and chat to Troy and end the second "story" mission. See why I don't count that one?



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