Story 13 - The Clinic

STORY 13 - The Clinic



Let Camden examine Zere's infected samples


Looks like it's finally time to pay the good doctor a visit. Sprint and slither your way across the rooftops to the marked building. When you reach the marked rooftop, there will be a couple of Rais's guards on the lower balconies that you can snipe from your perch.


To get inside the building, you'll need to slide or crouch under the gap beneath the roller door (main entrance on ground level) on the South side of the building. Yeah, right where the crowd of biters is. Happy happy, joy joy.


As soon as you pass under the roller door, you'll be set upon by another couple of Rais's thugs (melee). so make sure to come up swinging. Once the entry room is clear of Rais's men, Dr Camden will let you know how to get further inside the building. Call the elevator by using the panel next to it, step inside when it arrives and press the button for the basement.



Find a way to reach Dr Camden


"Oh, by the way were on backup power." I knew it, it's System Shock all over again. So we need to restore the power to reach Camden. When the lift stops moving, bash the control panel to open the doors and then wrench them open some more.


After passing under the sprinklers, a viral will be lurking directly ahead of you (cheap tactic there, blinding you with water on screen and then throwing a viral at you). Put it down and start the good old camouflage routine (hopefully everyone should have the ability by this point).


In the hallway (looking to the North), you'll see a set of double doors with large writing on them about a security guard. You'll need to travel to a nearby marked room (the North one of the two) and climb into the vent in the ceiling.



Follow the vent to the far end and drop down into the security office. Kick the guard slumped in the office chair to trigger him and then stamp the hell out of him. A key card will be sitting on the desk nearby for you to pick up with the control panel for the locked doors underneath it. Press the screen to open the doors and swipe your new key card in the slot next to the door of the office to exit.


Beatdown the biter hitting the glass as you move down the now open hallway. Turn the corner and follow another hallway until you reach the first corridor heading North. This will lead you to the marked decontamination room.


Walk over to the marker to find the decontamination room is full of biters. Camden will continue to digress for a bit until you get near the door. Now you need to go and get the power back online to trigger the process and clear the room.



Reach the office area


After some more of Camden's dialogue, the marker will move to the hallway we walked along earlier. The double doors were previously inaccessible, but Camden will open them up so you can get into the office area.


Clear the first corridor of biters, making sure to stomp on the bodies as you go as they have a nasty tendency to still move in this mission. You'll spot another slot for your key card next to the door here. Swiping it will allow you into the office area itself. 



Use the vent system in the office area


Be cautious as you enter the office as there is a bomber just inside the doors. Remember to kick the bodies lying around the room to make sure they are dead, or you may return to a nasty welcome party later. Clamber up into the overhead vent.


Find a way to the generator room


The path (despite it's appearance) is linear. Scrabble along it until you find a hole you can pass through into a large room with toxic gas flooding the floor. Without the grappling hook, this would be really painful to complete safely (you'd need to jump across the fallen shelves very accurately). With the grappling hook, you can just shoot across to the far side of the room where the gas doesn't reach.


There are also some biters to take care of here, just make sure you don't push them back into the gas (and poison yourself). The way out (which you can see took me around five damn minutes in the video to spot), can be revealed by flipping a switch on the controls of the forklift. This will lower the prongs and move a crate out of the way of a hole in the wall.


Climb out into the new section of pipes and enter the next hole on the left when you reach it. You'll walk into the room on the top of a tall shelf. Use this position to repeatedly headshot the goon below. There are also several hazmat suit biters to carefully deal with (to avoid setting off the red containers in the room).


Another forklift load will be blocking the doorway that you need to go through. Flip the switch again to move it and crawl underneath the pallet. Jump through the window with the body draped through it to enter the generator room.



Restore the power source


All you need to do here is walk down to the generators and press a button on each of them.


Run decontamination process


Leave the generator room the way you came in by. Now here you have two potential paths back to the decontamination chamber. One is to work your way down the demolisher and biter filled corridor to the North.


The other (much safer and saner) option is to backtrack through all those rooms you just cleared of enemies and travel back along the pipes to return to the office area near the decontamination room. It's up to you though. When you get back to the chamber, push the button and watch the biters inside melt away.



Give the samples to Camden


Enter the decontamination room and open the marked door to finally meet the elusive Camden and watch the scene play out.


Contact the GRE


Follow the marker all the way back up and out of the lab (there shouldn't be any undead left to deal with). Outside, make your way across town to the marked loft tower to make your radio call, the reception on that thing is awful. Ever climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower to get a signal? Once you've had a little chat, the penultimate mission is over.



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