Story 14 - Extraction

STORY 14 - Extraction



Confront Rais at the top of his tower


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the sewers we go. Again. Cross town to find the marked sewer entrance and head inside. You'll wind your way through several areas you passed through in earlier missions. After passing through the room where Rais's men ambushed you in the Saviors story mission, you'll emerge into a new corridor with a metal fence across it that you can pass through and plenty of biters beyond.


You can use camouflage here to just ignore them and/ or thin them out as you go. The corridors are quite long however, so you'll need to reapply your zombiescreen a few times as you follow the marker. You'll arrive at a square room with a pool of water in the center and yellow pipes along the walls. Use the pipes and your grappling hook to climb up to the catwalks overhead.


At the top is another tube leading off to the North. Squelch along it (crouching at one point), and you'll come to a point where a hole is smashed in the side of the pipe. Exit through here to sniff the outside air once more. Directly ahead when you step out of the pipe will be a waiting demolisher (you didn't think the last level was going to be easy did you?).



You cannot grapple up the cliffs here to avoid him so you either need to run past him (which is possible) or take him on with ranged weapons using the pipe as a shield from thrown concrete. If you do kill him, use his body for camouflage as there are several other biters and other infected along this path.


Continue your neck snapping jaunt down the gulley until you reach a metal gate blocking another pipe entrance. Spin the wheel next to it to open it up and hurry inside. You'll walk into a four way crossroads, but keep traveling North. Drop off the balcony into the water below when you reach the next room.


After surfacing, go through the open metal fence and deal with any biters along the way. Another set of long tunnels filled with biters will stretch away from here. Use the camouflage method or just clear as you go. At the far end, you'll find the mark door out of the sewers that leads to the Slums.



You'll come out inside a tunnel crammed with cars and vans. Climb and jump your way over them and head for the marker on the map to reach Rais's tower. Note: you can only enter it from one side, up the windy path on the map. At the end of the path is a red door leading to the base of the tower. This is the final point of no return folks. Once you enter here, you will be stuck in the final story mission until you complete the game. So make sure you're ready.


After regaining control inside, ascend the stairs follow the marker to a door and a scene. Looks like Rais's men have seen better days. After the scene finishes, you will be attacked by virals. Stay on this high spot to deal with them (this avoids blindsiding from the biters below). Good timing and aim with the stomp attack should let you kill all five or six with ease.


Just be careful as there is a demolisher that shows up who can knock you off your high perch into the enemies below. When he gets too close, you'll need to move. Clamber over the ledge towards the marker and you'll drop down into the construction site beyond.



You'll still be under siege here by virals and another demolisher. The best idea here is to just make a run for the map marker, topping up your health when needed. Use the shipping crates as cover from the demolisher while you move forward and sprint for the marked pipe at the far end.


Ready to breathe a sigh of relief, well things are about to get really bad. Yup, even worse than two demolishers and a ton of virals on your ass. How you ask? One simple word: volatiles. A shrieker will cry out as you land. Sprint past it as fast as you can as volatiles are about to swarm you. There is no way you can fight off the four of them that appear, even with high end weapons. So you need to run for it.


What follows is one of the most grueling parkour courses in the game. You have to keep moving or you take damage. You also need to position yourself exactly right for each obstacle as you run due to the lack of grappling hook here.



The video from [0:28:07] onwards will show you a successful run, demonstrating where to jump and climb. But with enough memorization and patience, you will make it out the pipe at the far end safely.


You'll drop out of the pipe to reach a large square area. Rais will start throwing down explosives in the middle of the area, but these will mostly drop in the same spot and can be pretty much ignored. You'll need to climb your way up and out of this death pit. Start on the angled green shipping container on the North wall.


Jump up onto the scaffolding directly ahead at the top of the container and climb as high as possible. From here, rotate your view to see the additional bars behind you that you can jump to and continue to climb up. At the top, you should be able to jump across to the upper level.



An open elevator beckons you deeper into the lion's den. Enter it and jab the button to begin the ascent. Ha, elevator music. Anyone else reminded of those insufferable elevator rides in Mass Effect 1? When the lift stops moving, open the doors and you'll be on a floor with biter prowling around.


Camouflage works great here as it will allow you to explore without being attacked and let you clear the floor easily. You'll want to circle round the floor until you find stairs leading upwards. Jump up to the next floor and you'll find Karim.


Looks like we're going to have to make a detour due to mines. Walk South to reach a few bits of scaffolding, overlooking a crane below. You need to jump from here down to the pile of garbage bags on the crane (who puts garbage bags on a crane?).



Kick the nearby biter off the edge and balance your way along the crane like you did all the way back in the first story mission. You'll need to engage a viral as you cross, just be careful not to fall off. Drop down at the far end of the crane and jump across to the building opposite.


A bomber will be just inside, along with multiple virals and biters. You will need to use the stairs inside, so be careful walking in to avoid being blown up. Use your camouflage here if possible to clear the floor before climbing the stairs and jumping to the next floor up.


Ignore the biters here and look for a plank of wood stretched out over some girders (I-beams, if you're in the building trade). Make your way over the yawning abyss on the narrow bits of timber and jump to the scaffolding when you can.



You'll be back inside the building again here with more biters. Slop your camouflage back on and dodge past the goon in the middle of the area. At the West side of the floor, you should be able to jump to some more scaffolding, keeping you safe from the biters.


From here, you'll need to jump across a series of concrete beams to the North. This is very fiddly and requires very precise jumps. Take it slow and line up those jumps properly. Nothing is going to attack you while you are doing this, so you can take your time.


On the other side, you'll arrive on the other side of the same floor. A bomber will be hiding in the center room here, so be cautious as you kill the biters here. An open door will lead to a shaft filled with yellow beams. Clamber inside and start climbing upwards. Make your way up several levels and ladders to find you are climbing up a crane.



When you reach the top, start making your way across once again at a sprint. Rais will launch an explosive at the crane, knocking you off if you take too long to cross. At the end, jump for the yellow panels on the side of the building.


From your position on the yellow panels, start following them upwards. At the top, you'll be able to stand up and walk across to a concrete platform. You'll have to carefully navigate the narrow yellow line of panels here. Use your hands to determine if you are wandering too far of center.


Jump onto another concrete platform at the far end and you'll have to make a long jump to reach the scaffolding. On the other side, look for a few concrete beams in the wall ahead that you can scramble up on.



Another linear path of balancing across a narrow yellow line will require you to duck and jump over obstacle in your path. At the far end, you'll finally be able to jump back to firm concrete and climb up some more scaffolding to reach the rooftop at last. Climb the ladder here to trigger your inevitable confrontation with Rais.



A series of quick-time events will trigger during this, so be ready to madly tap those buttons. After Rais falls (literally), you can watch the rest of the scene play out and afterwards the credits will roll.


Congratulations of completing Dying Light! After the credits end, you will still be able to play around in the sandbox world completing sidequests and other missions at your leisure.



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