This mode is (depending on the skill of the hunters), the least combat heavy mode. Groups of survivors will be scattered over the surface of Shear. Hunters need to reach these groups, revive them and then protect them until they can enter the escape pods that appear thirty seconds later. Once the hunters have successfully rescued five survivors, they emerge as the victors.


The monster on the other hand, has to cut down five of the survivors before they can be rescued. This means the monster will need to focus on quick kills before the hunters can rescue and/ or protect the survivors. Depending on the monster type, stealth kills can come in very useful for this.




  • Be their shield: The monster will (obviously) focus on bringing down survivors fast, so hunters should stick close to them and be on the lookout at all times. Hunters should also consider taking damage for survivors moving towards evacuation panels or try and disrupt and distract the monster while the survivors flee. Good team co-ordination while escorting the survivors makes it very difficult for a monster to kill off the required five survivors.


  • Leaping Lazarus: Lazarus has the ability to resurrect hunters without them gaining a incapacitation strike and can revive survivors. This makes him invaluable to have in a hunter group in this game mode. Use his ability to keep everyone alive and be especially cautious when playing as him in this mode, as experienced monster players will likely focus on him and try to bring him down fast because of his abilities.


  • It's gonna cost ya: If a monster has pinned or downed a survivor, the whole hunter team should be focused on damaging the monster. The best outcome being the monster is forced to retreat before killing the survivor, or at least taking significant damage in doing so. Another sound tactic is to drop mines or other trap devices around the survivor escape panels before they appear, dealing some bonus damage if the monster runs for the survivors directly.




  • Survivor stew: Survivors are far easier to kill than hunters in general (unless shielded), so try and aim for them when possible to increase your odds of victory. Killing one survivor and retreating is a better result than half killing a hunter and being forced to retreat while the hunter gets healed up. Kills are the most important factor here, not just damage.


  • Power up: A viable tactic for rescue is to ignore the first set of survivors completely and use the time to feed and power up. Once you hit monster level two, you can move to a point in the middle of the map to react quickly when the next group of survivors turn up, and attack as a more powerful force.


  • Lazarus is back: Lazarus has the ability to resurrect hunters without them gaining a incapacitation strike and can revive survivors. He is most likely the only hunter you will want to deliberately focus on if he is part of the hunter team. To prevent use of this revive, when you kill a survivor and you know he is nearby take the time to feed on the survivor.


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