Achievement Guide

Story Achievements

These are achievements you obtain via For Honor's Story Mode.

Welcome To The Blackstone Legion - Complete Mission 1.1

Dishonorable Discharge - Complete Mission 1.6

Working Hard for the Loot - Complete Mission 2.6

If you want peace, prepare for war - Complete Mission 3.6


A Beginning - Reach Story Level 10

A Middle - Reach Story Level 20

An End - Reach Story Level 30

Hooligan - Get All Breakables in Story Mode

Lore Master - Get all Observables in Story Mode


An Average Accomplishment - Complete Story Mode on Normal

A Remarkable Accomplishment - Complete Story Mode on Hard

An Exceptional Accomplishment - Complete Story Mode on Realistic



In realistic mode, there are fewer checkpoints, harder enemies, and no guard indicators. The best way to attack this mode is to play through once on Normal- gaining XP, collectibles, and knowledge, then re-running on realistic. You'll be surprised at how much you've internalized about stances and positioning, but if the lack of markers is still messing you up, try focusing on dodges, throws, and charges, that rely less on guard position.


Mode Achievements

Earn these achievements by participating in and winning the game's various competitive modes.

Dominator - Win 1 Dominion PvP Match

Eliminator - Win 1 Elimination PvP Match

Skirmisher - Win 1 Skirmish PvP Match

Duelist - Win 1 PvP Duel

Brawler - Win 1 PvP Brawl


Dominion Master - Win 20 Dominion PvP matches

Elimination Master - Win 20 Elimination PvP matches

Skirmish Master - Win 20 Skirmish PvP matches

Duel Master - Win 20 PvP Duel

Brawl Master - Win 20 PvP matches


Fight Achievements

Unlock these with your performance in battle.

You Can't Touch This - Parry 50 Attacks. Hammer not required.

Do it for the Honor! - Get 50 Honorable Kills in 4v4 PvP. Which is to say, kill 50 opponents in 1 on 1 duels without using the help of teammates or environmental hazards.

Principled Warrior - Complete a Dominion PvP match without a single Dishonorable Kill. Easy to get this one by getting no kills at all. If you don't want your team to hate you, try Boosting one of the points, fending off attackers by yourself.


Unfair Fight - Kill an enemy when you're outnumbered 2-to-1. This can be a little tricky to trigger intentionally, as you never know when a well-meaning comrade may arrive to save the day, but play enough Dominion and you're bound to trip across it. If you're specifically trying to trigger it, try playing Brawl with a defense-heavy hero. Toy with your own opponent until the other match is decided. If you comrade loses, as they will eventually, you'll have your chance.

I've Got Your Back! - Save an ally 50 times in 4v4 PvP. No trick to this one, though if you find your progress is lagging, keep a closer eye on the minimap and everyone's ID badges in Dominion- you should easily be able to spot when allies are engaged in combat. Teammates screaming for help is also a reliable indicator.

You're on Fire! - Get a 5-kill streak 5 times in Elimination or Skirmish. Again, no easy trick for this one, just keep on killing. One tactic is to lurk near an enviromental hazard you're good at exploiting, but you can't guarantee that you'll lure 5 kills that way.

Look At All These Feats - Get the maximum level of Renown 50 times in Domination PvP matches.

Revenge Spammer - Activate Revenge 50 times


Like Killing Ants - Kill 5000 Soldiers. Just go the Front and wade in.

Heads Up - Get 25 kills with drop attacks in PvP.

Anything Can Be A Weapon - Throw opponents into fire or spikes 50 times.



XP is gained in every match, leveling up whichever hero you played as. When that hero reaches level 20, you have the choice to trade in all those levels for a Reputation Point.

Legendary Hero - Reach Reputation 5 with any Hero

I've Heard Your Name - Reach Reputation 1 with a Viking Hero

Get Knighted - Reach Reputation 1 with a Knight Hero

Impressive - Reach Reputation 1 with a Samurai Hero


War Assets

After every multiplayer match, you gain assets that you can assign to conquer enemies territories or defend your own territories. If you don't select this option, your assets will be divided evenly among all contested areas, but you don't earn any achievements that way.


Cry Havoc - Manually deploy War Assets once.

Warmonger - Manually deploy War Assets on 10 enemy territories.

Protector - Manually deploy War Assets in 10 friendly territories

Let Slip the Dogs of War - Manually deploy War Assets 100 times.

A Reservist - Manually deploy War Assets in 5 different Rounds.

Active Duty - Manually deploy War Assets in 50 different Turns.



You can customize any heroes you've recruited by changing their gear, appearance, emotes, and even ambient special effects. Most of these things are unlocked with Steel, though a few are granted for achievements, and random gear can be scavenged from battlefields.

Discerning Taste - Equip a new Symbol, Paint Pattern, and Color Swatch on any Hero

Play Your Way - Equip a new Effect, Emote, and Execution on a single Hero

Swag Up - Equip a Hero with Heroic Armor and Weapons in all Gear slots

Makeover! - Change the visual apperance on any piece of Gear

Gear Head - Level up a piece of gear to its maximum. Do this by breaking down unwanted gear for raw materials, and selecting the Upgrade option on your favored gear. Keep in mind that each upgrade increases the benefits and drawbacks of the item.

Evening Wear - Create a second loadout by setting an alternate feat for a Hero. You need have levelled a hero up to at least Reputation 1 in order to do this.

You're So Vain - You probably think this guide is about you. And how you need to equip and Ornament on all 4 Heroes in a single faction to pop this achievement.

You're A Wizard - Set 4 non-default Feats for a Single Hero, You can do this as soon as you level up a hero to Rank 11.


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