Chapter 1.2 - And Stay Out

Chapter 1.2 And Stay Out

Observables: 5

Breakables: 5

This next mission is essentially just winning a dominion match single-handed. There some bots on both sides, but they barely factor in- just follow the objectives for the win, and even so you don't need to follow them too closely. Cap the points and kill the Vikings and you can't help but stumble into victory. Coming away with all the collectibles is a little harder, but we've got you covered.

As the game starts, push the Vikings back from the gate. When they're sufficiently dead, look out across the war-torn waste for a burning cart, which is recorded as Observable Burning Cart.

Now break left to capture Point A (as it's known in the Dominion maps). It'll be inside a little colonade up some steps. Kill the Vikings, then search the back of this room for your first breakables.

There are a number of exits here, but you don't want to return to the starting castle or head out for the battlefield. Instead take the exit along the northern wall here, toward a line of Viking archers. Look right, out beyond the bounds of the game map, to find an eye by a far tower and a giant flame. This is recorded as Distant Fires.

Slice through the archers and their botty backup, then smash their newly undefended Breakables

Head back to the main field to continue the massacre. In the very center, just about where Point B would show up in Dominion mode, is an Eagle statue, which you record as simply Eagle

On the far wall is a pretty hard-to-miss battering ram set ablaze, which you enigmatically record as Battering Ram 1. Optimistic sort, aren't you?

Mop up the opposition here, then claim two more breakables at ground level- one up som stone steps almost directly across from the battering ram...

...and one on that same side of the map, but further toward the VIkings, past the crossbow platform.

We'll find our last Observable and Breakable up toward Point C. Clear the point, and then check the back of the room for the last Breakables stash.

Then exit the room in the direction of the original castle, along the wall. Keep looking right until you see a crumbling, burning section of wall which you record as Crumbled Walls.

Finish off any resistance, then push toward the Viking spawn point to trigger another miniboss fight, but nothing you can't handle. Random bots may even lend you a hand. And then, Chapter 3.

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