Chapter 1.3 - The Blackstone Legion

Chapter 1.3 The Blackstone Legion

This is another fortress assault, though on a smaller scale than your last mission. You'll also be light on backup- one friendly (though formidable) bot against many attackers.

Your first set of Breakables is practically dead ahead as the mission opens- you should be able to see them without even moving.

Just a little farther down the path is corpse in a hanging cage. Take a closer look to record this as Skeleton Cage.

Down the slope to drive off some Vikings (a cutscene may trigger before you kill them all), and then you'll start the approach to the local stronghold. As near the bridge, there's an Observable point hovered over a gap in the cliffedge here. This one is recorded as Lava, and you'll get a closer look at the substance in question soon.

To the left is an erupting geyser, also worthy of observation, and the journal name Geyser.

Take the bridge, and a few lessons in guardbreaking. When the immediate opposition has been swept away, look up at the fortress exterior for the Neglected Outpost journal.

As you enter the sort of foyer here, note the hanging stag skull above for the Viking Camp entry.

The goal of this next section is to kill the camp commander, but you might as well kill everybody. As you advance around the circular ground, you'll find another breakable stash to your right, in a corner behind a smallish stag skull tied to a sharpened post.

Keep following the righthand wall around the circle -it'll dead end in another stash at the base of the central tower.

Climb the tower and kill the commander to complete this section. With the garrison subdued, head for your next objective, and see the next Breakable stash immediately as you leave the tower grounds.

Just slightly farther do the path, to your left as you head south, is a monument which you can record as Angel Statue.

Just a dozen yards or so past that, and still to your left, is a collection of graves and a leaning pillar recordable as Knight Tomb.

You'll encounter some resitance here, but with your new mastery of guardbreaks, you can kick every one of these losers straight into the lava.

Lucky this isn't one of those games where you have to loot bodies.

Push ahead to the next clearing, where you'll find a giant statue of knight with an eternal flame. Oddly, this Knight Tomb Observable is just marked Tomb.

Just past the statue is the last Breakable cache.

As you climb the steps to the final encounter, look for an eye above the entrance to claim the last Observable, recorded as Ruined Church.

After that is another end-level fight with some slightly tougher bots, and a tutorial script about the revenge meter. Finish off the opposition for an extended cutscene, and a meeting with upper management.

After that, it's off to the icefields of Chapter 4!

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