Chapter 1.5 - Sabotage

Chapter 1.5 - Sabotage



Another chapter, another class. This time you'll step into the padded shoes of a Peacekeeper- a stealthy ninja type who would probably fare better in a game with more stealth and backstab mechanics. Still they make do.

A handy technique on this level is to to use a rushing-guardblock to stun enemies, then starting chaining up your heavy attacks.

You can also use a second guardblock to kick them away, but since this takes them out out your range and does no damage, save it for cliffside enemies (you can kick poeple into walls and fires as well, but it's rarely as helpful as just stabbing them).

Run down the path to a roundish plaza with a giant viking statue. Take out the guard and Observe Viking Statue 2.

Another short distance down the path is another guard, and another Observable, this one in the form of some dead Legionnaires,starting to freeze in the snow just as the path corners left. They are recorded as Blackstone Legion Bodies.

Take the corner and down the path you'll start to encounter enemies in groups. The Peacekeeper isn't quite so durable as the other knights, so watch your back. If you find yourself surrounded, you can use your kick to knock enemies into the walls- the stun will buy you a few seconds to either execute them or deal with their compatriots.

The path levels out near a frozen lake. No walls to knock these guys into, but you can use the extra space to mount as many Slipping Lunges as you need to. When they're down, look at the small boats here for the Docked Viking Boats Observable. Then look up for another hanging corpse (this Vikings sure are festive), which you record as Hanging Body.

Finally (for this area, at least), glance over at ruined dragon-boat slightly inland. Keep in your sights as you head uphill on the left hand path- as soon as the eye manifests, record this as Ancient Beached Drakar (you may want to take out the guard here before Observing).

From this ridge, look back down to ground level to see the first breakable cache of the game

In the northwest corner of the area, as a lefthand path begins to wind up from the ground level, is the second cache, guarded by two enemies.

There are a few branching paths leading up to the next area, but they all meet at a ladder which joins a box-strewn overlook to an even higher ridge.

Clear the two enemies ahead, then Observe the giant stone head as the path start to veer rightward, for the entry Massive Head Statue.

Continue up, and take out two enemies 'round a campfire. From this clearing, you can look east to see a giant skull statue. This junction is heavily guarded, but the vikings here aren't super enthused about chasing you. Pick them off one by one with your lunge attacks, then smash up the jars they gave their lives to protect.

From the jars, turn completely around and jog south to get a closer look at the front door to the compound, recorded as Closed Gates.

Head easterly uphill, to another campfire fight. You can see the fourth breakable cache on the far side of the flames.

Smash 'em up and follow your objective marker for an overlook of the inner compound. Observe the central building (that all the Vikings are walking out of) for the entry Longhouse 1.

Drop attack your way down to the ground, and slaughter all you oppose you, as per usual.

Just to the west of the longhouse entrance you'll the last breakable cache up some small wooden steps.

Activate the longhouse doors to bar them, then follow your objective marker to where the elevator workings are. Kill the security, then Observe the righthand (or westmost) mechanism for entry Elevator Machinery. Once you activate it, more guards will arrive, so kill them too, then activate the second lever. Now look in the gap in between the two levers, facing southish, for the last Observable - Central Mechanism.

Head up the ladder and dispatch the final Viking. He's a bit of a brute, but he's no Thorfinn.

Activate the gate behind him to end the mission, and saunter into the final chapter of the Knights.

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