Chapter 1.6 - Wolves Among Sheep

Chapter 1.6 Wolves Among Sheep



For this mission, you're the Warden again, growl and all.

The initial objective is protect the Battering Ram as it slowly inches toward the city gate. The ram is essentially a mobile capture point- stand near it to 'capture' and keep it moving, kill enemies that get near enough to contest the point.

Resistance becomes fiercer the closer you get, so you might take a few moments early on to gather up your collectibles. The first few are all on the righthand, or westmost side of the battlefield. The easiest to spot is clump of Breakakbles just to the right of the Ram's path.

Smash these, then look directly behind you (or north) to Observe a Ruined Building.

All the way up at the top of the westmost slope is a firepot and viking monument Observable as Trilithon.

Now get back to the ram and slice apart Blues until you get a little closer to the gate. Here you can Observe the gate itself, as Svengard Gate, which seems logical.

Look also to the left or east here, where the Viking reinforcements are streaming from, for Observable The Sea.

Keep up your defense of the Ram until it reaches the gate, where you can now observe it as Battering Ram 2.

Activate the ram, and a cutscene will see you climbing atop the thing to do battle with Gudmundr, the Viking boss.

Guddy Twoshoes here is technically weak to guardbreaks, especially when he turtles up, but the Ram's safety rails prevent you from a ring-out victory. Instead, use guardbreaks to open him up to regular melee attacks, and parry his own deadly blows.

He has a ton of health, but you only need to hack off a third of it before a cutscene intervenes.

Get to your feet and turn around to Observe the ruined Svengard gate, now recorded merely as Gate.

Face into the city again and exterminate the nearest line of Blues to reveal a Nice House Observable to your left, slightly uphill.

Head toward that door, then look right, where Apollyon is... gloating, maybe? Certainly not doing anything useful. Still, you can at least Observe her for Apollyon 2.

Run around the area breaking things- just be sure not to run up any wooden ramps bridging the wall into a blocked off area, because that'll trigger the next stage of the mission. Instead find the breakable caches. The first is on the north end of the little overpass bridge toward the north of the compound.

The next is on the south side, near the top of the stairs that lead through a stone passage back to the main gate.

Now you can head to that ramp, kill its defender you haven't yet, and walk up it without yet dropping off. Pause a moment to observe the boss-man, in the entry Gudmundr.

Drop down to find yourself in an unusual sort of battle. Much wolfier than average. It is possible to chase these mangy anklebiters down, but a more effective strategy is to stay in guard mode, block when they make their attack runs, then slice them apart after they bounce off your defense.

It only takes a single hit to kill them, so take some time to clear the field. You can't execute them all, as Guddy just keeps whistling up more, but you can at least get yourself some elbow room.

Guddy himself is still a powerhouse, so focus on parries and guardbreaks until you can whittle down another third of his health. Be careful of starting longer chains when there are still wolves at your back.

A cutscene takes you back into the battle field- the moment you emerge from the wolf arena, you should see a cluster of Breakables on the the porch ahead of you and just to the right.

Continue up the path, destroying all who oppose you. On your left as you ascend, note the burning house for your last Observable.

Just a little past that house and to the left is a wooden platform with a Takedown power-up and the last Breakable cache of the level.

After that, trot over to the central plaza for your last showdown with Gudmundr.

No wolves this time, but Guddy goes all out, opening the fight with a flying leap, then almost immediately entering Revenge mode. He's stronger and faster than you, so if conventional means aren't doing it for you, trying evading and guarding until you can enter Revenge mode on your own, and finally finish this guy off.

After that, it's just one long cutscene to the end of the chapter, and the Knights' campaign.

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