Chapter 2.2 Viking Diplomacy

Chapter 2.2 Viking Diplomacy

Open with a bit of light chatter in the cutscene. At least the Vikings seem to have a sense of humor. When the gameplay starts, your first Observable is dead ahead. Well, a head at any rate- recorded as Head of a Statue.

Spin around at look for another head- the one your troops were just discussing. Observe it as Impaled Head.

Now jog a bit back through the the ranks and right to get a closer look at the door here. This Observable is the Observation Tower. Apt.

Now we can enter the level proper. Take the rightmost fork of every path- this will leads you over a wooden bridge to one batch of prisoners. The bridges and ledges pair wonderfully with your guardbreak charge.

Just past the bridge, to the right of the prisoners, is the first Breakable cache.

Free the prisoner, who will now follow your around. Keep to your right-hand rule, moving just slightly south to Observe a Strange Tree.

The wooden bridge will take you back to the central map. Again, bear left for the next cache.

These jars are leaning up against an some old ruined ballistae. Look left to Observe the the Broken Siege Engines.

Veer right, up toward the fortress, but toward the top of the path hook a very sharp left and take out the ballista crew here.

That down, jog a little way back toward the fortress, and keep your eyes to the right to Observe a giant Stele, the last Observable of the mission.

Head back down to the junction where the mission began, and now take the left fork. The next cache of breakables is on the far side of the first intersection you come to, though you may wish to take out the tower defenders before the inevitable smashing.

When the tower's outer defenders are down, climb the stairs to take out the inner defenders. Don't release the prisoner yet, instead smash the Breakables just a few yards away from his cage.

Then jog down the exit stairs to find the last cache right outside.

Now you can free the prisoner, to trigger the next stage of the chapter- all out war.

Join your troops at the bottom of the hill, then rush up toward the gates, and joining the melee. The opposing heroes are too easily distracted by other fighters to pose much threat, so just take them apart. Note that you can using a rushing charge on one enemy and crash him into another enemy.

Once you've done a sufficient amount of damage, you'll enter the last phase of the mission, a duel with Siv the Ruthless.

Here's the thing- after Gudmundr, Siv is babycakes. Use your charge to knock her into a wall or two, and use heavy attacks while she's stunned. It'll be over in no time.

Let the cutscene roll to make some new friends and set things up for the next chapter.

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