Chapter 2.3 - Wood, Iron, and Steel

Chapter 2.3 - Wood, Iron, and Steel

This is your intro to the Warlord class, as you take the role of Stigandr- the bluffish brute you freed from prison in the last mission. Now he's one man wrecking machine trying to make good.

Jog down the slope and knock this sucker off the cliff, into the water. You'll be taking out a lot of enemies this way.

Enter through the main gate, then go down the flight of wooden stairs to be confronted with your first Breakable cache.

Cross the gangway onto the boat, then charge north and dispatch the group of soldiers waiting for you. Shieldcharging into the water remains an evergreen tactic. When they're all dead, proceed north into the building here. If you enter via the left (or westmost) door, you'll see the next set of Breakables right away.

As for the guard, you can indeed knock him into the sawblade for substantial (but not instantly lethal) damage.

Remember to take a moment to appreciate it afterwards, recorded as Observable Saw Mill.

Leave the mill through the east exit, slaughter the orangefolk, then look up at the scaffolded ship to record the Observable Dragon Prow.

Head east again, through a little tunnel in the wall.

There's some Knights waiting to be gutted at the far end of the bridge, but first take moment to look right (or south) to gaze out on the water for Observable Broken Down Yards.

Now you can go kill the Oranges. Also inside that room, just right inside the door, is another breakable cache.

Go up the stairs left (north) and kill the nearby lawbringer, then look up and right to the near (easterly) tower to Observe the Runes Around The Tower.

Once you've fully appreciated the local artisanship, use the nearby turret-bow to skewer down as many enemies as you can see (note: it is possible to kill multiple enemies with a single bolt).

When you run out of targets, clear out the enemies from the gatehouse here, right next to your objective. Destroy the breakables here, but don't open the gate just yet.

Instead, run straight south, to the tower that all those guards were standing in front of, before you mowed them down with the turret.

Inside this tower, and above the entrance, is the last Observable - Three Shields.

As you return to the gatehouse, make a detour left (west) to board the ship, kill the guards, and break the last Breakables.

Raise the gate to immediately trigger another turret sequence. There sure are a lot of them, but you never run out of ammo, and there's no time pressure, so just aim and destroy.

Finally, you'll end up in a bridge fight to kill some guy named Julius. For fun (but no practical reward), see if you can line them up so as to knock two guys off the bridge with a single charge.

However you dispatch them, ending the fight will end the chapter, withthe  Vikings preparing the launch a massive fleet against the Knights who took everything from them the Samurai.

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