Chapter 2.4 - Up The Beach

Chapter 2.4 Up The Beach

You're the Raider again, and true to name, you're about to burn and pillage a city of innocents. For Honor!

Oddly enough for a raid, there's no breakable loot of any kind in this mission, so no need to keep your eyes peeled for glowing jars. There are also no Observables on the beach, so beeline for the objective, knocking down anyone in your way.

Climb the rope, dodging thrown bricks and falling bodies as you ascend. Unlike the horse ride, you'll never to knock away defenders- just dodge.

Atop the wall is another area full of enemies. As with the beach, you can run past most of them, or stick around to annihilate resistance.The quickest way to dispose of high-health enemies is to toss them off something.

At the far north end of this walkway is a broken down Samurai War Machine, ripe for Observabling.

Take the path east down a short flight of stairs, and dispose of the guy guarding the top of the ladder. Note that he has enough hitpoints to to be thrown over the edge and still climb up the ladder again.

Go down the ladder yourself and seize the objective.

A new enemy emerges behind you. He stubbornly refuses to put his back to the ledge, so finish him off the old fashioned way.

Go through the door he came through and, as you cross the bridge over the Courtyard here, look down and East to Observe the Ancient Canal.

Finish crossing the bridge and turn left in the room with the strange face. This will bring you to a small door guarded by fu dogs statues, which you can Observe as Barracks 1.

Turn around and hit your Objective to zipline down to the next level.

Cross through a covered section, off another ladder guard, then ladder down to ground level and join the melee.

Clear the immediate area, then fall back to where all the Vikings are coming in from, to Observe the Inner Fort Drawbridge.

Continue to push back the Samurai forces. When you force them back across the bridge, look east to Observe the Edge of the Myre.

Just before you enter the doorway at the far end of the bridge, take a moment to Observe all the Dead Vikings that litter the path here. Not that it's going to stop you.

Pass through to begin the boss fight with Fujikiyo. He's quick, powerful, and stuffed with hitpoints. You'll also want to keep an eye out for the Kensei's many Unblockable attacks (an orange diamond with a black blaze will herald these, which must be Dodged or Parried).

He's pretty quick to counter throws, so if normal hack & slash isn't helping you much, just try to hang in there with Parries and Blocks until your Revenge meter pops.

Either way, once he's down the mission is over, and you can safely finish putting his beloved city to the torch.

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