Chapter 3.2 - Thinning the Herd

Chapter 3.2 - Thinning the Herd

You'll be Kensei rather than Orochi this time- taking the role of the Daimyo who freed the protagonist of the previous chapter. The Kensei moveset is very powerful, but stay on your toes- there are some powerful enemies here. There are also lots of low level heroes types- not powerful enough to present a threat, but skilled enough to block your blows, and waste your time. These subheroes are easily swept aside with throws, and with area attacks.

From your starting point, there is a big red gazebo just a few dozen yards to the north, but semi-obscured by trees.

Find it and dispatch its lone guardian, then Observe the bodies here as Gazebo Massacre.

Due west of the Gazebo is a branched path leading uphill, guarded by some miscellaneous flunkies (easily dispatched) and a Shugoki. He's relatively tough, but a good parry leaves him open for ages, allowing you lay into him with some of your chains. Just be sure not to parry too early- his club takes a long time to get moving.

Go up the stairs to confront the first enemy daimyo- Ranja.

Ranja is one of the most skilled opponents in the campaign to date- she's quick, crafty, and loves to feint heavy attacks before dodging and slicing. Frankly, you can learn a lot from her- if you survive.

First tip is to fall back and wait for her Revenge meter to subside. When she's back to 'normal,' engage with light attacks and blocks, looking for an opportunity to build chains. Don't be too eager to Parry- that's catnip to her. If you find yourself getting toasted, you can retreat back down the steps to heal before re-engaging. Sooner or later, she'll fall.

Once she does, you can look up at the statue here for your next Observable, recorded as Komainu Statue 2.

There's also a cache of Breakables tucked away in the northern corner of this area.

Exit south, disposing of swordfodder until you see a gate lit with flames.

Get closer to Observe this as Closed Outpost.

Retrace your steps to the Gazebo, then head north by northwest to the Yellow compound, its entrance marde by a Poison Trap pick-up and a small army.

Clear the gate (area attacks help), then enter and go up the stairs to your right. Follow the path to a bridge full of archers worth executing.

Clearing them should also clear a path to some Breakables.

There are no other collectibles in this compound, so focus on clearing away the lesser warriors. They are, of course, nothing compared to you, but even the wimpiest blade in the ribs can be a distraction during your fight with the Daimyo here. Once you've stilled most of them, you can use a poison trap here to keep the rest at bay, and soften up the big man himself.

Once he's toxxed, a few good chains should take him out of the picture. Mop up stragglers, if you like, then exit through the northern gate.

Head due north (so slightly to your right as you exit the gate) to see another a red-columned structure. get close to Observe the giant bell, recorded as Fallen Stone Head.

Continue north, headed toward your last objective point, until you come to a small cluster of houses. The nearest has a cache of Breakables.

Go ahead and claim them, maybe even thin out a few of the troops here, but don't kill the Daimyo yet- we still have things to do on this level.

When you're ready, follow the northmost edge of the map west, until you reach a ruined boat with a hole punched through it.

Do a little punching, slicing and gutting of your own here, but keep an eye north. Just after you pass through the boathole, a cache of Breakables will be on your right.

Follow the path southish until you see the watchtower (if helps, this part of the map is almost exactly like the beginning of the Vikings' Myre map). Crush some resistance, then move just past the barricade to see some Breakables at the base of the tower.

Climb the tower itself for the Tower Vista Observable.

Now it's time to jog back and dispatch the last baddie. After going up against Ranja, this guys a joke- take him apart and let the cutscene carry you away.

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