Chapter 3.3 - Picking Up The Pieces

Chapter 3.3 - Picking Up The Pieces



For this chapter we're back in the bloodspattered shoes of the Lone Orochi. This takes place in mostly the same areas as the previous chapter, just a few hours later.

You start out in the Yellow compound. Don't move a muscle, instead simply Observe the First Dead Daimyo at your feet.

Exit the compound at the southeast door, and bear left (the gazebo will be full of vikings to your right). Keep left for the first stash of breakables by the docks here.

Just on the other side of the tree those breakables were clustered against is the gate leading to the docks, which you can observe as Gate 3.

Keep along the water's edge for a few more yards to see another cluster of breakables, near the base of that shack with the tall ladder that you can't access.

From there, you should be able to look west to see a tree arch Observable as Tree House.

There's a relatively feisty Viking guarding the arch, but the game's suggestion of the Storm Rush maneuver is a good one- use it to cut the outlander down to size.

Through the tree arch and up the hill is that fortress that looked to be abandoned in the last mission- now it's teeming with Vikings. Don't storm the place just yet, but do Observe its outer gate to be recorded as Oni Arch.

Spin around and you'll find some breakables just across from that very gate.

Trot north to where you (as Ayu) slew Ranja. There's a Valkyrie here, but she can't hold a candle to the fallen daimyo. Take her apart with your light slashes, and light slash combos.

When she's done, Observe the fallen Ranja's corpse for the entry Dead Praying Daimyo.

Head down the steps here (toward where that Shugoki guard was last time). The path is split by a large clump of tree, bamboo, and stone lanterns- on the far side of that clump is the fourth breakable cache.

Head back to to Viking compound and start slicing away, but be careful not to kill all the Chieftains until you've gotten the last two collectibles.

The last Observable is the giant tree just inside the gate- recorded as Huge Tree.

The last cache of breakables is to the east of the main battleground here. Go up the south stairs to reach them.

With all the collectibles out of the way, you can focus on the slaughter. None of the chieftains is particularly tough, just don't let them gang up on you too much.

When they're all down, a new chapter unlocks, but it's short and collectible-free. When you're in control, run to the docks and cut down the Vikings. Most fall easily, but the Warlords are little tougher. Dodges and throws work well against them, and of course, when all else fails, the fire arrows go down a treat.

No matter how fast you cut them down, the Vikings still get away (led by your Raider, that jerk). But there's no time for revenge now- you need to rush back and remove a pretender from the throne.

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