Chapter 3.6 - Apollyon

Chapter 3.6 - Apollyon



It all comes down to this. It's Orochi-time again as you join the final assault on Apollyon and the Legion.

You start out in the thick of things, but don't let that distract you from what's truly imporant. Trot ahead (but not far enough ahead to pass through the archway), and gaze out from the parapet to Observe the Warden's army as Iron Legion.

As you get close to the arch, but not through, look upwards and back to record the Tower on Fire.

Pass through the arch and you're immediately in a position to notice three things. Look just a little rightward and you can Observe a fallen sculpture being used as a ramp, which is entry Old Statue.

You'll also notice the Breakables there, under the Blackstone banner by the statue's head. Before smashing them, wheel left and look up to Observe Apollyon's Sanctuary.

Now you can smash the pots and bust a few heads. Your objective is the catapults- just follow your markers and use 'E' to disable them.

Each one is guarded by a single hero-level Blackstoner, but they're not so tough one on one. You can also kick them into the parapet walls for a stun.

When the catapults are done, take a moment to look down over the edge of the bacony just by the fallen statue's head. This is recorded as Destroyed Balcony.

Exit through the newly opened doors to the west. Just after you pass through, pause and look up and forward to Observe a shatrered tower, for the entry The Shard

Follow your objective marker through some sword-fodder to a courtyard swarming with oranges. The goal here is to stop reinforcements from pouring in, but before we get to that, look left to spot the second Breakable cache behind a cart.

Now you can complete your mission by using the fire arrow pickups to ignite the lamps by each reinforcement door (tagged with Objective markers).

After that, mop up any resistance with the aid of your fellow samurai, and approach Okuma to open the door to the next section.

At the top of the stairs is a bridge being pelted with arrows. While you wait for the right moment to dash across, look right to Observe a burning home as Residences.

Once you cross the bridge it veers left, and you'll be looking straight at Breakable Cache #3.

Follow the path, and definitely do pick up the Poison here.

A Knight will drop a gate in front of you. You have to defend Okuma as he attempts to open it, but defense is no trouble because the waves of enemies only have eyes for you. You'll face some goons and a Conqueror, then some goons and a Warden, and finally a motivated but very squishy Peacekeeper.

There's another Poison pickup here you may be tempted to use, especially against the tanky types, but I highly recommend saving it for Apollyon.

The gate opens, but you have to leave Okuma behind. Give voice to your rage by smashing the Breakables immediately to your right.

Just a few feet past them is a doorway you can Observe as the entry Lions (and there are tiny lions emblazoned on either side, if you look close).

If you missed the Tower on Fire Observable earlier, you can snag it now by looking up as you ascend the stairs.

Your new Objective is to fight your way up the tower- three floors, three enemies. Do not try to flee upward, as enemies will follow you from floor to floor once they've been activated. Before the swords start swinging, however, Observe the tapestry visible just as you start to enter the first burning room.

This is recorded as Crests, and is the last Observable in the game, unlocking the Lore Master achievement.

The enemies you face are, in order, a Lawbringer, a Peacekeeper, and a Conqueror. The first is the toughest for an Orochi- he's very good blocker, and the small space rewards his long reach while cramping your maneuverability. Just be patient, and use blocks to open him up to light attacks, and build your Revenge meter. If you get hit badly, you can retreat back down the stairs a bit to heal.

The other two are much easier to handle, in part because they're easier to manuever into the environmental hazards present (fire for the Peacekeeper, and the drop for the Conqueror).

At the same top tower level as the Conqueror is the last Breakable cache.

Destroying this nets you the Achievement Hooligan.

And now there's nothing left for you in this world, except to kill Apollyon. The demon-lady is fast, tough, and strong- easily the most dangerous (if not the most balanced) opponent in the game. If you want to practice your skills, this is a good spot, but if you're just here for victory, I highly recommend using the Poison Traps from earlier.

These leave her almost completely vulnerable, and you can happily hack away at her all-but-endless lifebar. That said, this is a three stage fight, so don't use them all at once. Also, try to keep the action on the lower plaza here- the fighting subheroes above will sometimes stab you, but never her. Once you've inflicted enough damage, the battle adjourns to a staircase.

Maneuverability is low, but another Poison trap can help even the odds.

Dish out a little more damage to move the fight to its final destination. Here, Apollyon goes full beast mode, dishing out fast, heavy hits and charges.

You have a little footroom, but not much, so be careful not to get trapped in any corners. The most consistently successful strategy is to wait for Apollyon to charge, then dodge and Zephyr Slash around her.

Rinse and repeat, throwing in any remaining Poison for good measure, and you'll finally be able to put her down. No execution though, she's still got a cut scene to star in.

After that, one final cutscene-slash-framing device to end the story and take us all home.

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