Dominion is a classic capture-the-point mode with a few For Honor twists. Two teams of 4 struggle to control key areas and kill enemies until one team collects 1000 points. At that point the other team 'breaks' and their heroes no longer automatically respawn when slain. The leading teams needs to kill off all the 'breaking' heroes to secure the win. If the breaking team manages to survive and capture back enough points, however, they 'rally,' and get to respawn again. Play continues until one team is able to break and exterminate the other.

Some things remain constant across almost all cap the point games. You generally get more points for defending an area than for hunting down enemies all by yourself, you'll do better if you stick with the team, rather than hunting down enemies all by yourself, etc. For Honor adds a few new variations to the formula. One is just the fact that there are virtually no distance weapons, and thus no snipers. It also means there are few penalties from fleeing combat, as long as your're at least as fast as your nearest pursuer. This not only keeps you in the game, but it denies them the Renown of your death. Plus, sometimes you can lead them right into the blades of your teammates.

Another variation is the types of capture areas. Two are standard 'Control' areas- they belong to whichever team is standing in them, or captured them last. If members of both teams are in a Control area, it remains 'contested' until one team or the other is driven out. A captured area continually generates points for your team, but generates even more if a t least one team member is standing there, 'boosting' the zone.

The final area, usually in the dead center of the map, is the Front. Here, 0-level soldiers from each side pour into combat, and you can aid the cause by sweeping through the enemy ranks. This is also good place to ambush enemy heroes, as the crowd can make it tricky to see an approaching enemy, or evade them once they strike.

When your own heroes are taken down, any team member can speed their respawn by standing next to the body and Reviving them. This can be a tide-tuner when your team is on the ropes (revives work even if a team is breaking), and makes it a good idea to linger near your kills for a few moments, to ambush hopeful first responders. Reviving also carries a hefty Renown bonus.

The last variation (though not a wholly unique one) is the various feats available to each class. These are special powers that can be used in combat. Most have a cooldown time, and all require a certain amount of Renown to activate- Renown being the points you get for killing enemies, capturing zones, and generally being awesome (different classes earn Renown differently - check their 'Hero' sheets in-game for each warrior's Renown harvesting specialties).


Check back soon for more as we continue to explore For Honor's most complex and rewarding mode.

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