Getting Started

For Honor Beginner Tips

While it may look like a wide open free-for-all on the battlefield, you're better off approaching this one as a new Street Fighter rather than a new God of War. Success in For Honor is less about cleaving your way through the ranks (though that helps) than it is about mastering your own moveset, and learning to recognize and counter the movesets of your enemies. Follow the tips below to go from wide-eyed squire to blood-seasoned battlemaster.

Learn Basic Attacks, Blocks and Parries

Just wading into combat blade-first is going to get to get you dead in an eyeblink. Worse, you'll die without having dealt the enemy a lick of damage, because they'll have been using blocks and parries. The in-game tutorials are actually pretty good at bringing you up to speed on the core concepts, but be sure to play through the advanced tutorial as well. It covers parries, and they are a game changer. You can also practice against AI opponents in the Duel mode- gaining experience and XP at the same time!

Defeating the Leader

Before you can compete in multiplayer, you have to beat an AI faction leader- it's like you have to pass test before you're even allowed to play the game.

This is probably for the best, but if you're in a hurry, know that these leaders seem to be exceptionally weak against guardbreaks. A few of those mixed in with more traditional pummeling will get you out into the world in no time.

Make Peace with Death

It not just that you're going to die- that's common fare in any multiplayer match-up. it's that you're going to die feeling helpless, as skilled players effortlessly take you apart, or multiple players flank and dismember you. There's a bushido-like lesson to be learned here, but if you're having trouble embracing the mind-like-water ethos completely, just remember to take a deep breath from time to time and think about how many rank & file soldiers you can hack apart with a single blow. Those suckers.

Once you get deeper into the game, use those calm seconds of respawn to really think about what happened. How did they get past your guard, what did they do that was surprising? When you think about it, you'll often start to see how all the moves fit together, and either be able to counter them, or add them to your own skillset. 

Pick a Buddy

You might not be a pro yet, but you can still turn the tide of almost any fight by sticking close to your teammates. Even a skilled players can be felled by enemies engaging from either side. The key is to come up behind them- three players in front can be blocked almost as one, but it's much harder to defend against a sudden blade in the spine.

Explore game modes

While the essential nature of the For Honor's different modes may be nothing new to seasoned gamer, they do play very differently from most games and from each other. You may turn out to be terrible at duelling but brilliant in dominion battles, or vice versa. Finding your niche not only builds confidence, but it also allows you earn XP & loot, and learn the maps and moves that make up the game. And so maybe next time you find yourself on the dueling ground, things won't be as hopeless as they were before.

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