Knights: Lawbringer


The Lawbringer is slow-moving, hard-hitting powerhouse, the tankiest of the Knights. His speed makes it hard for him to set the tempo of a fight, but he's a natural defender, parrying attacks and exploiting the openings. While he's not good at chasing enemies, he does have a number of takedown moves to prevent them from getting far in the first place. Lawbringer is ideal for boosting points in Dominion, and a formidable enemy in Duel.

In Deathmatch and Brawl he works best with a faster moving partner- a hammer to his anvil. His charge move is ideal for getting the drop on multiplayer enemies facing the wrong way, and the Long Arm manuever, though slow, is unblockable, which makes it great against other heavies. His natural enemy is those pesky ninja-types, who can switch stances faster than he can block. Best tactic to swat at them from range, then use your library of shoves when they inevitably roll under your guard.

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