Knights: Peacekeeper


A chivalrous ninja of sorts, the Peacekeeper is one of those ultraquick fighters that are so irritating powerful in the hands of a skilled player. You'll see lots of high-level Peacekeepers roving the Deathmatch fields.

Once you've master the For Honor combat system, you can make that same non-stop lethality work for you. The key to mastering the Peacekeeper is timing. You're faster than just about anyone on the board, so you can control the tempo of your fights, and once you have the timing of your dodges and deflects worked out, you can spend almost an entire duel seemingly inside your enemy's guard.

In general, avoid launching your own attacks if there's a good chance you might be parried- instead use sidesteps and counterattacks to deal damaged unthreatened. You may deal a lot of damage, but you can't take much before crumpling. You also have one of the fastest footspeeds of the game, which is useful both for escaping bad situations and running down the wounded.

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