Samurai: Nobushi


A fleet and agile warrior, the Nobushi's defining strength it is the range of its weapon. In a game with virtually no ranged attacks, those extra few feet of naginata can be incredibly powerful. More than any other class, the Nobushi is able to conduct almost an entire battle from a distance- using long range jabs and pokes, and bleed attacks that continue to do damage even as the Nobushi dances back out of range. The key is not to let yourself get dragged into a toe-to-toe slugfest; keep your opponents at arm's reach, and use your dash and evade maneuvers to disengage from close struggles, or to kick your opponent back where they belong.

The Nobushi's out-of-guard charge is particularly effective at stopping aggressors in their tracks- use it against the tankier classes when they try to run you down. It's also handy for tagging an enemy even through a rank or two of troops at the Front. In combat, the Poke the Nest maneuver is not only an ideal way to apply bleed damage, but keeps the enemy almost motionless- setting them up for an attack by other members of your team.

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