Samurai: Orochi


The quick assassin-type of the Samurai faction, the Orochi has a longer reach than its counterparts and a good selection of combos. Its most powerful attacks, however, rely on the split-second timing of a deflected attack. Combined with customary low health, this makes precision and quick reflexes a must for the Orochi player. If you have both, this class will make everyone else on the battlefield seem like they're moving in slow motion. One often overlooked bonus to Orochi's speed is that it can clear the front of enemy soldiers in almost no time flat.

In terms of enemy encounters, be especially careful with Shugoki and Warlords. Their Uninterruptible stance means that your quick strikes won't stop their slower hits from landing- and they can take a lot more hits than you can. When dealing with such rotund bruisers, the Zephyr Slash is ideal- allowing you evade damaging blows while dealing damage of your own and gaining a superior position. Zephyr slash is also a good response to oncoming chargers, though you may want to occasionally mix it up with Storm Rush to leap out of the charger's way, then instantly counterattack as they recover.

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