Money Earniner Techniques

Here are various tricks on how to earn cash quickly in this game. 


Controlling the Stock Exchange

Take up Assassination Missions, especially the ones coming from Lester. Take note of his tips on who are the competition companies of your target's company. Invest your stocks into the competition, as their stocks will increase a few days after you have killed the boss of the company you are targeting. Listed below are sample missions you can take up and the corresponding rival companies where you are supposed to invest your stocks with before killing the boss of the company. 

*  Multi-target Assassination  -  Invest in Debonaire (LCN) during pre-mission. Then after selling your stocks, quickly invest in Redwood (LCN), wait for a few days, then sell the Redwood stocks once the stocks increase dramatically.

*  Hotel Assassination  -  Invest in BettaPharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ) during pre-mission.

*  Bus Assassination  -  Invest in Vapid (BAWSAQ) during pre-mission, wait for a few days, then sell the Vapid stocks once the stocks increase dramatically.

*  Vice Assassination  -  Invest in Fruit (BAWSAQ) during pre-mission.

*  After Finishing the Game - Invest in Merryweather Security, then sell stocks once they have increased dramatically. 


The Lester Missions

As Franklin, take part in Lester's missions. Follow Lester's hints regarding what stocks will rise up once the mission is finished. Invest in those stocks.


Investing in FlyUS

Finish the Mission "Legal Trouble", then invest your money in FlyUS. Later, finish the mission "Meltdown", after this the share price of FlyUs's stocks will balloon up to what it was before, effectively increasing your investment.


ATM Robberies

Smash an ATM using your bare hands or a silenced firearm. Also, mug people who have just withdrawn money from an atm, then escape quickly afterwards.


Clearing Heists

Always hire the very best crew you can acquire during heists. A better crew can help you earn much more money compared to the share that you will pay them after the event.

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