Mission 04 - Meridian Station



MISSION 04 - Meridian Station
Advised weapon combo: N/A

Skulls: 0
Intel: 8


Objective: Proceed to Meridian Station


After reaching the outskirts of Meridian Station safely, start strolling your way into town. Walking down the linear path will bring you to a large orange barrier/ gate blocking the path. Check the right corner on a yellow cylinder here to find some intel. Squeeze through the small gap on it's right side to finally come face to face with Governor Sloan. After conversing with Sloan about looking for the missing Blue Team, you'll be tasked with seeking out intelligence as you try to locate them. Turn left from your position at the base of the hologram of Sloan and jump up onto the platform with the construction vehicles and black tarp. On a black box up here is some more intel to grab.




Head back to the Sloan hologram and look for a vending machine against the wall of a nearby building. You should be able to jump up from the crate beside the machine onto the roof where some intel sits on a black box. From the top of the same building, look around until you see the neon red sign on the building next to yours that says 'food station.' The alley between these two buildings holds some intel sitting on the corner of a crate. From where you picked up the intel on the crate, turn right and climb up to the roof of the building (should be adjacent to the food station). You'll see two cylindrical towers rising up from the roof, the one without the solar panels/ radar dish has intel sitting on a black crate on top.


In the far back right corner of Meridian station you'll see a bunch of miners standing near and against a gate. On a crate beside them is some more intel to snaffle up. Return to the Sloan hologram podium and climb onto the roof of the building behind it. You'll see large yellow metal cylinder you can jump on and from there you can see the top of a tall metal tower with an antanae on it. To get there you need to jump across from the roof of the food station building to find more intel. The final piece of intel is along the left wall of the camp next to a vending machine on top of a blue bin.


Objective: Listen to station residents


If you press the locate objective button, you should see two markers appear, both pointing to miners who recently observed strange sights. Approach both miners and interact with them to find out what they saw. After hearing the lead about Apogee Station, you'll need to find an access terminal to find out more about the area.





Objective: Access terminal


Move towards the rear of the town, following your objective marker through the buildings. Interact with the terminal to find out a bit more and have a second conversation with Governor Sloan. Turns out there's a pelican headed that way, and you should be on it.


Objective: Board pelican


Head back down the street in the opposite direction that you came from to find the landing pad at the other side of town. Approach the back of the waiting pelican to finish this really short interlude of a mission. Onto something more challenging methinks.



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