Mission 09 - Alliance



MISSION 09 - Alliance


This is another one of those interlude missions, where you simply follow a short chain of objectives running from A to B. However there's still intel to find. From your start point, do a 180 and head for the doorway behind you to find your first piece of intel on the ground. Head back the way you were facing until you see an elite standing guard to the left. Clamber up the rocky slope beside him and turn right at the top, entering the small cave nearby to find a data pad  with it's intel on a rock on the left inside. Leave the cave the way you came in and look over the cliff edge to the right to see a pillar with glowing box on it, you'll need to jump down onto this from the ledge jutting out to the left. Grab the intel off the data pad from up here. Do a 180 from the pad you just scanned and drop down, heading up the canyon ahead of you turning left when you reach the elite and grunt standing together. You'll see a tilted pillar here with a wall beside it. On top of this small wall is a data pad with intel to grab.


Head for Dr. Halsey's location but don't interact with her yet. Instead, turn left and look for a large alcove with burning purple fires inside. A data pad holding intel is sitting on one of the crates in here. Leave the alcove and head left towards the rear of the camp, climbing up the series of rocky ledges to an elite beside a stone pillar. You can actually jump to the top of this pillar climb the tilting connected pillar and then make a jump across to a small platform held up by stonework with a data pad on the top for you to obtain intel from. From this raised platform, drop down towards the back of the camp (the other side from where the elite was next to the pillar), hug the right wall here to go up then down a small slope to find a data pad with it's precious intel next to a small glowing box. Look down to the left from your ledge position to see a UNSC ship below. On a rock next to a crate to the left of the ship is the final data pad and it's delicious intel.



Objective: Report to Halsey


Vistit the doctor. Job done. Next?



Objective: Report to Palmer


And wander over to Palmer when you're done listening to long winded explanations. And mission complete. I'm serious.



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