Mission 11 - Before The Storm



MISSION 11 - Before The Storm


Objective: Report to Palmer


From your starting point, turn around and move up the cliff to your left to find a data pad on top of a pile of boxes you can get some intel from. After getting this, return back down to where you started and jump up on the crate to be able to leap up to the area on your left. On this upper area, you will see a tilted pillar in front of you that you can climb up. When you reach the top, you'll have to make a jump to another pillar beside the one you are on, lifting yourself up to find a box and another data pad with intel you need. From here, drop down from the left side of the platform towards the tents below. Run towards the marker for the Arbiter, passing by the command center where he is located to climb up onto a ledge on your right to find another data pad with intel sitting on a crate behind it.


Drop down from this ledge back towards the Arbiter's command center and enter the small gully to your left. You can climb up the rocks on the right side to be in an upper area overlooking the command center. Walk over to the tilted stone ramp ahead of you and look down to see a data pad with its valuable intel on the stone ledge a few feet down where a grunt was sitting the first time you visited this camp. The last data pad is probably the trickiest, as you will need to jump across the forest of tents below to reach it on a ledge on the far side. To start with, jump onto the platform on top of the pillar below. Then onto the top of the Arbiter's command center, moving across to the adjacent tent roof. From here you need to jump onto the roof of the tent to your left and then leap upwards grabbing onto the higher tent roof above. Circle around the right side of this roof to see a ledge on the other side with a lone crate and beside it the final data pad and piece of intel.



Now with that out of the way, simply drop down and trundle across the camp to see Palmer who is standing beside the Arbiter.


Objective: Report to Halsey


Dum de dum, stroll through the camp humming to yourself until you talk to Halsey about constructors. Then voila, the interlude is over. On to the battle!



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